If you’re pissing off Gretchen Carlson, you must be doing something right [Updated]

HuffPo relays a befuddled reaction from the Fox News crew to President Obama’s “slow jam” appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. It doesn’t sound like it won him Gretchen Carlson’s vote:

“Right now,” she began, “a bunch of former presidents are, like, ‘Huh? That’s what we do now when we’re president of the United States?’”

“When you want the kids,” said Doocy, referring to Obama’s appeal to young voters.

“I don’t care,” Carlson returned. “I think it’s nutso.”

“I think it’s very effective for President Obama,” she remarked later. “I personally do not agree with the highest office of the land, the most important figure in the world going on these comedy shows. I think it lowers the status of the office.”

After all that Fox has said about the O-man over the past five years, lowering the status of the office is obviously a BIG no-no.

Given the way Mittens’ copycat campaign‘s shaping up, I look forward to him dueting with Lawrence Welk any day now.

This scares Fox and the wingnut blogs so much they find it “embarrassing”:

UPDATE: Well, as Surreal American in the comments points out, Lawrence sadly isn’t available, but for some reason the RNC thought this juxtaposition flatters Mittens:

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Obama should stick to classy stuff like pretending to search for WMDs under the couch.

How dare he have a sense of humour instead of a stick up his arse!

Willard might be able to whip up that level of enthusiasm if he offered to pay everyone to clam and scream for him.

Given the way Mittens’ copycat campaign‘s shaping up, I look forward to him dueting with Lawrence Welk any day now.

Regrettably Mr. Welk went to that Great Bubble Machine In The Sky two decades ago.

That said, there were times when Lawrence W. was too hip for Willard’s living room:


Comment by Surreal American on 04/25/12 at 05:13 PM

Face it, no matter what our cool President does, there will be an outcry from the dope squads. He might as well do cool stuff and maybe draw in some younger voters while he’s at it.

Donnah, I totally agree. If your opposition is going to represent everything you do as the worst thing that anyone has ever done, even when it was their idea in the first place, you might as well do cool stuff.

I’m old enough to remember the original outrageous “demeaning” of the office - when President Ford did a brief cameo on “Rhoda.”

Pretty dismal when Nixon appearing on Laugh In sets a precedent.

Nutso, huh?

Comment by Lancelot Link on 04/26/12 at 03:53 AM

fox passing judgement on lowering of standards? They are the experts experts.

A sitting Prez on a late night comedy show would be fine, but this Prez has skin thats really dark compared to, well…our viewing audience, so, tut-tut.

I guess we should be thankful that it’s Carlson criticizing Obama over this and not Peggy Noonan.  Because Noonan would take 30 minutes to say the same thing, and she probably will this Sunday.

Their whining is merely confirmation that he’s on the right track - had they felt that it hurt him, you wouldn’t hear a peep out of the lot of them.

For my money they can all have a Coke and a smile and STFU.

I guess we should be thankful that it’s Carlson criticizing Obama over this and not Peggy Noonan.

Are you kidding?!  Gretchen is so damn dumb, she’s only capable of producing Adam Sandler quality laughs.  Her brain shudders and farts, and out falls “I think it’s nutso.”  Fast food.

Lady Peggington is an exemplar of the form.  Her columns are reliably hilarious.  I can sincerely say she is the only wingnut whose words I always look forward to hearing or reading.

I’m sure Mittens isn’t going to take this lying down. I can almost hear him saying “Oh yeah?  Well two can play at this game.  Get me Merv Griffin’s agent on the line, pronto!”

Did Willard actually imply in that video that people should be falling over to pat him on the back for becoming so rich?  I didn’t have the fortitude to replay it and listen again.

I didn’t think of it that way, Marin but yeah it would fit his good self. 

What’s confusing is one minute he’s banging on about children doing so much better than their parents and the next saying sod all of ‘em are working.

I just find the optics of that show insurmountable: two guys soberly dressed in full suits and ties sitting on a couch with a woman who’s wearing a brightly colored sleeveless short dress? The symbolism could only be more extreme if she was shown pouring them tea during the show.

Carlson’s job is to titilate the mainly geriatric male audience of Faux with the hope that her mini-dresses will experience wardrobe failure, so they watch, expectantly, hopefully.  Plus boobies.  It gives then the will to live.

#WAR! Buzzfeed drove a freight train through the Right’s narratives today.  Felt good.

Comment by Lowkey on 04/27/12 at 02:46 PM
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