I’ll Roshambo You For It

Forty years after the National Lampoon was a monthly addiction for snarkologists, Cheech Wizard remains an Amusement Destination for those of us who like our snark mixed with rare plant juices, stage magic and acute testicular swelling.

Even in clunky computer claymation, the Zydeco Hat is the Cultural King of my g-g-generation. DUCK, LIZARD!

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Hi Strange,
we give each other testicular swelling for sure. However, my view is that this has become counter-productive, and the future hopefully lies in organizations like the ‘no-labels’ group.

Despite the fact that you probably lean left and I lean right, the possibility of either of us ever seeing the fulfillment of our political aspirations is like envisioning the colonization of moons around Saturn.  As a consequence, mostly we are fighting over abstractions.

I have less of a problem with what rumproast says about the right than what they do not say about the left.  Frankly, my view is that a person is still exceedingly naive or ideologically brainwashed if they trust either big business or government.

However, my suspicion about you and me is that we are both primarily culture guys first and political guys second. Therefore, I found the following to be somewhat intriguing.

Here’s the way I heard it explained.  In the old days if you wanted to watch TV at 6:00, you had to watch the news. You were going to see the news or else just turn the box off. And as a consequence, the American public as a whole did a lot of news watching with Brokaw and Jennings and before that Chet and David and so on.

But today the many venues for TV viewing give you the opportunity to blow off the news if you don’t want to watch it. As a result, only about 10 to 15% of the population watch any news venue whatsoever. After all, if they want to watch violent confrontations, they can watch people kill zombies or mobsters blow each other away. They don’t have to settle for wonkish arguments by panels of weenies venting hysteria over issues that are both obscure and uninteresting to them.

So the upshot is that only a rough 10% of the population turns in to any news or political venue.

Now on the surface of things, Strange, you would think I would be please because most of this 10% watch Fox. 

However, as it develops, the biggest political influence comes through the predispositions of the creators of fictional shows, and those slant primarily to the left. Ergo, the left gets fewer political viewers, but more numbers of possible voters who think the left’s point of view is a priori the correct one, as it has seeped in through osmosis.  Advantage left.

All this was a bit confounded the other day when I learned that the most popular show on TV is ‘Duck Dynasty.’  What to make of that is anyone’s guess.

Incidentally, parenthetically speaking, if the left wants to do something about guns, what they ought to do is influence Hollywood to stop acting as if slaughter, murder by firearms, were the solution to everyone’s problems. Guns get a continual boost from TV and movies.

@Formerly Amherst:
As it turns out, I DO lead left in physical fights in the real world. (I also start with the upper-cut.) Take my word for it—those are two things the average right-hander never expects and is hopelessly under-prepared for. At no time during any actual real-world fight between me and another human being has it ever come down to The Mighty Roshambo. In fact, everyone I’ve ever fought has wound up on his knees rubbing his jawline and calling for his mommy.

Hey Strange,
that’s a good tactic.

I taught boxing and hand-to-hand combat for 8 years.

To lead with a left upper cut you would have to be in an inside position, very close to the guy.

And 9 times out of 10 the upper cut would come out of nowhere as far as the guy was concerned. And if it’s a good shot as it sounds like yours was, all you would need to do is follow up.

Although my comment had no reference or intention to refer to violence, I also, as a matter of fact, spent a little time looking after some people who were around the Shah of Iran.

This was all a long time ago, but one of the nice things about boxing is that some of it sticks with you like riding a bicycle. Everything you do that you learn in a combat situation becomes intrinsic in the central nervous system.

They have even gone into some mental hospitals and found some former boxers who were now catatonic (not from boxing). When they would begin to make boxing movements in the direction of the catatonic, his central nervous system would automatically start making aggressive and defensive movements.

This left upper cut lead of yours could still be a good tactic today.

@Formerly Amherst:
Thanks, dude! As a matter of fact, the close-in, upright left jab almost never failed me. On its best days, it paralyzed my adversary long enough for me to bite his head off (like a female praying mantid) and lay my eggs in his chest.

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