Illegal gun sales caught on camera by NYC (post with videos). Will this get same attention as ACORN?

Good for Bloomberg:

Private investigators hired by New York City to pose as illegal gun buyers at seven firearm shows in Ohio, Tennessee and Nevada were able to buy weapons in three out of four attempted purchases, according to a report released by Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The $1.5 million investigation showed 35 illicit purchases were successful from a sample of 47 transactions and that of 30 private sellers, 63 percent “failed the integrity test,” by selling a gun even after someone told them they probably couldn’t pass a background check.

Let’s see if this undercover project gets as much attention from the media and Congress as the ACORN videos did. My pessimistic side is guessing “no.” Maybe Bloomberg should have thrown in some African-Americans and fake hookers.

The following videos came by way of Gun Show Undercover...

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Jesus in a full metal jacket,* there is just nothing to beat money on the table, is there? They should use a black investigator for the next one, definitely, just to see the swirling currents in wingnuts’ heads. For gun dealers, the problem of racial prejudice melts away when it comes to purchasing a TEK-9 with cash.

Bloomberg is such a mixed bag, he drives me crazy. This may help to salve the wound when he subverts the spoken wishes of the people and crushes genial Democrat Bill Thompson with more of that good folding green stuff, on his way to making New York into a bland, sparkly playground for his rich friends.

*Betty, I tried.

Like you, I’m torn about Bloomberg, but he’s the only person right now keeping the gun show loophole issue alive.

Now look. Gun show dealers selling guns to anyone who wanders up with a stack of bills are supporting the RealAmerican Way. Volunteer organizations that help the poor are un-American and un-Christian.

And please, don’t object by pointing out the ACORN worker reported the couple to the police while gun show dealers never report illegal activity. ACORN should be required to report everyone they help to the police. Gun show dealers should be given police escorts to help them carry all of that money.

Kew Ee Dee. Also.

Does anybody know if these people who broke the law in the sting got busted for their actions? Or at least investigated - particularly those dealers who said they “also couldn’t pass a background check?” or who didn’t even have licenses to sell? If so, why not?  All they are is an above-ground black market of illicit sales.

They might be able to get more people interested if they showed how so many guns bought in Ohio end up in the hands of non-white guys in the Bronx.

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