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Here’s what happened when the Arlington, TX Low-T Support Group got wind that the Arlington chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America [which consists of four gun-grabbing “moms”] were “meeting” at the Blue Mesa Grill in a local shopping center, on Saturday . . . 

Characterizing the lunch date as an “Anti-Gun Rally,” the local heroes of Open Carry Texas arrived on the scene “locked and loaded,” determined to turn their devotion to their 2nd Amendment rights into an awe-inspiring flash mob that would teach those subversive Moms a lesson.

So it is that 40 or so bored, mental midgets assembled outside the door of the Blue Mesa Grill to mug for the camera, compare magazine sizes, man-scratch, spit and scare the piss out of weekend shoppers because that’s what degenerate bullies do for entertainment. 

Now, for my money, being a mom who advocates for gun control in the Dallas suburbs takes about the same kind of grit that early missionaries to head-hunting tribes in Borneo demonstrated.  And, fortunately, the grownups inside the restaurant kept a lid on things by laying low and outlasting the Wee Winkie Parade, as Juanita Jean dubbed it.  A spokeswoman for the Blue Mesa Grill reported that the manager did not want to call 911 “for fear of inciting a riot.” 

For their part, the hostage moms later released a statement saying that their first clue that their presence was a problem was when they noticed that a group had “pulled up in the parking lot and start[ed] getting guns out of their trunks” and that the restaurant patrons were “terrified by what appeared to be an armed ambush.”

The stand-off lasted for about two hours until one of the Open Carriers noticed that there was a Hooters restaurant on the other side of the parking lot, whereupon they put away their toys and shuffled off for a few beers and to reminisce over how totally awesome it was that they ruined the Moms’ lunch.

The very, very, very tastiest tidbit of this story, though, that I’ve saved up for now??

Texas is one of six states that prohibits open carry of firearms.

So.  I have to assume that the moral of this story is:

. . . it’s OK to break the law to express your 2nd Amendment rights.

Or, maybe, it’s:

. . . if you’re too stupid to know the gun laws in your state you probably shouldn’t have one.


. . . at least Texas legislators know a really bad idea when they see one.

Or, perhaps:

. . . it’s a good thing nobody knows how utterly idiotic he looks when he’s waving his junk around.  Could result in serious self-esteem issues.

Please feel free to vote for your favorite or add to the list.

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Just leaving alone why they felt they needed to come out in strength of 40 with firearms in tow against 4 moms having lunch, which even if there was gonna be a rumble seems dreadfully assymmetrical, did it ever occur to these supposed grown-ass people that there are millions of everyday folks who can do their food shopping and even sleep soundly at night without the psychological protection of a Smith & Wesson wubbie?

They might want to look into how the rest of us manage.


The NRA line on this is that you are “choosing to be a victim”.

It’s obviously just a matter of time before someone (presumably of the darker skin tones) mugs/rapes/murders you because you are unable to defend yourself.

Some people really don’t seen to understand that the point of civil disobedience is to get people on your side. Maybe it’s just me, but I see dozens of armed people waiting outside a restaurant for four women for two hours? Somehow, I don’t imagine a lot of people saying “Man, those ladies are awful.”

Personally, it’s just making me flash back to that time I was walking into a Shanghai subway and nearly ran into four PAP with shotguns and riot armor running the other way. It’s really one of those “Welp, this is how it ends” moments.

I really feel for those women.  The thing is that you really are targeted by the pro-gun nuts if you stick your hand up and, for example, go and petition your legislature. The NRA is handing out big dollars to legislators—even here in MA—and they do not hesitate to put your name and information out to their crazy supporters and let attrition do the rest if they figure out you are against them.

I think they did the right thing staying in the restaurant but I wish that someone had called the police and asked for an escort past the armed lunatics, and a camera crew had shown up to film it, because I really think it has to be made clear that at this point these gun nuts are specifically and only carrying guns to intimidate other people.  Their fantasy universe, in which they are carrying guns “in order to desensitize” people and “in order to protect their second amendment rights” needs to be—shot in the head. Someone is going to need to sue them for behaving in a threatening manner (although that depends on Texas law).  At the very least someone needs to confront these assholes and make it clear to them that no one is falling for their stupid “whaddido?” shit.

Don’t you recognize a well-regulated militia when you see one?

Wee Willie Winkie
Runs through the town

(All I got.)

It’s probably bad that I wish there had been a well-timed car backfiring on the other side of the parking lot and that these dumb fucks would’ve all shot each other in the resulting freakout.

We have open carry here in Oregon and there are some nutty militia types living off in the hills not too far from here.  One or more of them will randomly decide to “take a stand” and go wander through a small town nearby, preening with their semi-automatic penis substitutes on display.  It’s creepy, and always results in lots of calls to 911.  I’m not really sure what they’re trying to accomplish, it’s certainly not endearing the community to them.

It’s probably bad that I wish there had been a well-timed car backfiring on the other side of the parking lot and that these dumb fucks would’ve all shot each other in the resulting freakout.

Thanks, @OBS.  That visual is the high-point of my day—makes it all worth while.  Because you know that any one of these Rambos would piss his pants if that happened.  Especially the dim bulb in the red shirt.

I just read that even though Texas prohibits open carry, when the 4 women tried to file a report with the cops about this action, they were rebuffed.  Apparently some activities are more illegal than others.

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