I’m proud to be a union man…

...I make those meetings when I can, yeah:

Giving Senator Barack Obama new momentum, one of the nation’s largest labor unions, the United Food and Commercial Workers, endorsed him on Thursday. Another giant, the Service Employees International Union, was on the brink of backing him.

The endorsement of the service employees, which with 1.9 million members is seen as the nation’s most politically potent union, would be considered a special boon. Members of the service employees’ board were casting votes by e-mail and fax on Thursday night, and two top S.E.I.U. leaders said an Obama endorsement was likely.

The two unions did not make endorsements until now largely because they were so torn among Mr. Obama, John Edwards and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. But with Mr. Edwards out and Mr. Obama winning eight straight contests, many of the top leaders of the unions decided it was time to back him.

It looks like that Giuliani-like “come and get me” strategy is really paying off for Hillary…

MEANWHILE: Someone had better buy rabid anti-Obama Hillshill Larry “Barber Bowl” Johnson and big ol’ sack of deep breaths. What a loon.

BONUS POINTS: Name the song referenced in this post’s title (without Google) and win oodles of hope and change!

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This land is your land?

Neil Young’s “Hawks & Doves”

I’ll email you my mailing address for the hope and change.  I’d prefer FedEx if possible.

I’m not a huge fan of Kos, but those Hillary fans in that Larry Johnson link are just plain nuts with their Kos Derangement Syndrome. There’s an undercurrent of some real ugliness with Clinton’s supporters that’s pretty unnerving.  If she doesn’t et the nomination, they’re going to team up with the wingnuts to take down Obama and if she does get the nomination they’re going to scare everyone away from voting for her.

Wow. I couldn’t make it past three pages of that stuff. The last time I visited Larry Johnson’s place, he had this bizarre semi-fictional post accusing Obama of wanting to be like Neo from Matrix; the last line was: “Lord, we loves us some Bama.” Ew.

Roger—I absolutely agree. If Obama gets the nod, it’s going to splinter off some “liberal” bloggers. But then, wasn’t Johnson a Republican before he became a Democrat? And Taylor Marsh was a “Reagon Democrat,” right?

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