Headline/Image Juxtaposition: a Lazy Joke for a Lazy Sunday

Oh anti-gay activists, is there anything you can’t make intensely homoerotic? From Raw Story, which sounds super-gay all of a sudden, comes (ha) this far-out (hee hee) claim from the head (oh ho ho) of conservative Christian organization the Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy the Family Research Council, which takes the official position that the hate better be the only thing swelling in you now:

Tony Perkins: Star Wars ‘surrenders to gay empire’

Han shot first*

Yeah, I know, sorry. I would’ve preferred to use a picture of slave Leia diving headfirst into the Sarlacc pit, but I couldn’t find a still anywhere—I might be misremembering how that scene went down (snicker).

*alternate caption: Chubakke

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OK, I LOLed.

*dies laughing*

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