Immigration Reform and The Great Fence

Immigration reform has languished over the demands of the likes of Sen. John Cornyn-R YouGuessedItTexas that the border be 90% absolutetalamentaly seeecured before any meaningful reform could take place.  But now!  A couple of, yes, Republican senators, Bob Corker, R-TN & John Hoeven, R-ND have come up with a great new plan that will so totally erase the poison pill provision that Cornyn wants to slam in there to insure that immigration reform will never occur.

Let’s just double-down on the number of border patrol agents from about 20,000 to 40,000 and pretend that now we have 90% border security or whatever they want.  PLUS we’ll build that fence another 350 miles to total 700 miles of a fence that absolutely cannot be climbed or gotten over, no.  (Ahem, unless someone comes up with a great deal on, like, ladders and stuff.)

Have the Rethuggies really thought this through?  They’re creating f’n jobs with this bill!  Apparently they haven’t heard that gummint doesn’t create jobs.  Oh, unless it’s for keepin’ brown people out there yonder where they belong, amirite?

Too bad, though, that this is really just a big nothingball.  The House isn’t going to pass any kind of immigration reform bill no way no how.  And Rethug outreach to minorities continues apace.

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I couldn’t imagine how fast I’d be fired if my work ethic were as bad as that of the goddamn GOP congresscritters. 

Amnesty nothing, we need an all-immigrant Congress to get anything done.

. . . we need an all-immigrant Congress to get anything done.

Actually we have an all-immigrant country not to mention an all-immigrant Congress, who’ve conveniently forgotten about their immigrant status now that they have their piece of the rock.  And, sadly, there just aren’t enough natives left, post-genocide, to make that point over the exceptional American din.

Yep, nothing says “we just love you immigrants” than proposals for more fencing.  I have no doubt that the targets of their outreach just love the idea of being fenced out like dogs; the rethugs may not hear that subtext, but immigrants hear it, loud and clear.

Hi Marindenver,
simply as a point of interest, the truth is we are not all from immigrant stock.

I am not an immigrant. My mother’s side of the family has been here since Plymouth Rock.  On the other side of my family we have the Cherokee blood.

Should you go to states like Oklahoma where many Native American tribes were settled, you will discover much of the population a mix of Native American and immigrant.

It is something of a surprise for visitors to find that some blond haired, blue-eyed girl is a memeber of the Cherokee nation, but it is in fact true.

Naturally, you see the same situation in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and other states.

Then we have to ask at what point is one no longer an immigrant. For example, my wife is eligible to join the Daughters of the American Revolution.  These are families who came to North America before the United States was a country.

This idea that we are all immigrants is an old bromide and a tiresome cliche that is sometimes brought out to support some political activity or another. However, technically it simply is not true.

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