Imperial Wizard Limbaugh extrudes more racist shite, part 8,794

GOP thought leader Rush Limbaugh was a racist cretin long before Barack Obama was elected president. He’s no more able to resist denigrating an African American in any powerful position than he’s able to pass up an hors d’oeuvre tray laden with chocolate-dipped, bacon-wrapped Oxycotin tablets.

Despite his riches, this has been Limbaugh’s tragic downfall: His Tourette’s-like inability to control the bigoted bile that frequently leaks out of his maw cost him his dream job as a football analyst on ESPN. It also dashed his hopes of owning a stake in an NFL team.

Those of us who have monitored the bigoted toad’s tribalistic rants for awhile never doubted for a second that Limbaugh would lose it when the American people actually had the temerity to put a black man in the Oval Office. We merely wondered if he would be able to stop himself from saying the “N” word on the radio and possibly endangering his multimillion-dollar contract.

He took a step in that direction yesterday when he accused Michelle Obama of “uppity-ism” while defending the honor of NASCAR fans in Florida who booed the First Lady, Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden and some soldiers’ children over the weekend:

You can hear the whole rant at HuffPo if you are feeling particularly masochistic. The clip that accompanies the article was compiled and illustrated by a Limbaugh fan, who apparently chose the images to illustrate it using the same criteria I used to select wedding photos for my scrapbook, i.e., the images that were most flattering to moi.

I illustrated the clip instead with a badly done stop-motion claymation piece of my own. I care about y’all too much to subject you to actual images of Limbaugh’s indignantly jiggling man-boobs as he delivers the rant in real-time OR Photoshopped fanfic designed to render the loathsome bigot less outwardly hideous. You’re welcome.

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Just excellent.  I like how you captured the evil gaze.

And once again, I hope Elton “Manwhore” John feels just AWESOME about the $1 million he took to play at this asshole’s wedding. Cuz Elton really needed the money that badly, I guess.

Betty, did you actually do that? It’s not repurposed from somewhere? We need to talk about an as-yet-unproduced script of mine. It’s a stop-motion spectacular that takes place backstage at a beauty pageant where the contestants are fish. Betcha can’t guess the title!*

Oblo, ya wanna hear the weirdest thing ever? I had a roommate in college who loved Elton John… but not his early work. Didn’t care for “Benny and the Jets” or “Rocket Man,” wasn’t all that crazy about later-period stuff like “I’m Still Standing” and “Sad Songs.” But his output after that? Gold!

Fifteen-plus years later and I still can’t quite get my head around that. I can’t even analogize it, it is the analogy: “Such-and-such is like saying Elton John didn’t put out a truly great album until The One.”

*Rankin’ Bass

I find the whole Moochelle thing more offensive than the accusation of uppity-ism. But I can see why it would be offensive. His lack of respect is just appalling.

I actually did make the El Flushbowl stop-motion claymation thingie, Gil, though I did repurpose my original vid for Limbaugh’s latest stupid rant.

Unfortunately (or perhaps not), I’m out of the stop-motion business now as my kid left the lids off the Play-Doh and it dried out. The bass thing sounds pretty brill!

I find the whole Moochelle thing more offensive than the accusation of uppity-ism.

Especially given that he’s grossly overweight himself ... and Michelle plainly is not.

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