In Sympathy

Helisetting Republican Heartthrob Chris Christie and America’s Ex-Husband, Rudolph Giuliani, are meeting over lunch today to discuss RUDY’s jumping into the race, despite Rudy’s many, many, many liabilities. Since we are real swells here at Rumproast, here, forlorn Freepers, this one’s for you:

And yes, Vargöns Musikkår’s version was definitely the best of the lot.  It’s skitbra!

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This should be the anthem for the entire Republican field.  Adding Gu911iani to the pack can do nothing but increase the Ohmagaw level up a bit.

I’d never heard this piece before.  The lyrics are perfect for that bunch!

Please play that lovely wrong note
Because that wrong note
Just makes me doo doo doot, doo doo doot, wah
That note is such a strong note
It makes me rick ricky tick, rick ricky tick tacky
Wick wicky wick, wick wicky wick wacky

Comment by Origuy on 06/15/11 at 07:11 PM
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