Inglourious Basterds Hit the Campaign Trail


For a while there, it looked like October might just have to go into the annals of political history as an unmitigated downer what with shutdowns, defaults, Values Voters, healthcare.crash and suchlike.  To be honest, I almost expected Hillary to announce “just kidding” and that she wouldn’t run in 2016 just to pay us all back for picking Obama last time around.

But then, like a tonic for my soul, the morning news brought the first bona fide political belly laugh of October, 2013 and it’s all good again, thank you very much.  So what was the breath of fresh air that blew away the cobwebs down in my dumps?  It was the news that my fellow-Pennsylvanian, Rick Santorum has put out an S.O.S. to rally his dozens of loyal supporters to create a “strike force” of teabaggers to carry Ken Cuccinelli to victory in the upcoming Virginia gubernatorial race.  What could go wrong . . . ?

Santorum’s PAC, Patriot Voices, is recruiting supporters to go door to door Nov. 1-3 in Virginia to plug the Republican candidate for governor on its website.

In a plea from the PAC sent to supporters, Santorum, who endorsed Cuccinelli last year, also asks for those who can’t volunteer their time to donate money to pay for travel, meals, signs and literature for the strikeforce

I suppose that Santorum decided to pull out the big guns when he heard that those godless Clintons and the gun-grabbing, New York elite, Mayor Michael Bloomberg were endorsing Ken Cuccinelli’s opponent, Clintonite carpetbagger, Terry McAuliffe.

Santorum, who knows quite a lot about ideological nuances that crater elections will, no doubt, be quite a comfort to the Cooch after his inevitable loss.

And, then, perhaps Cooch can return the favor when Santorum runs again in 2016 for Moralizer-in-Chief.


Uh-oh.  Looks like Santorum is already having quite an effect on the Virginia race, Rasmussen just came out with a poll showing McAuliffe doubled his lead overnight.

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I wonder how long it’s going to be before The Cooch tells His Royal Frothiness to go away, & stop helping me.

@Stentor about as long as it took him to pretend that Cruz wasn’t on the same stage with him.

I will say it would be neat to see the two of them in one place, because based on their records, ain’t a dime’s worth of difference between’em, ideologically. (Send in the clones!)

Santorum wants Cuccinelli to come from behind. I thought Coochie and Santorum was preaching against that kind of thing.

@V Allen boys will be boyz

Santorum - god-smacked jackass and mindless creep.  Just go away.

If that smarmy SOB showed up at my door I’d punch his stupid looking face.

I don’t worry about the candidates in this race as much as I worry about the goopers cabal rabidly purging the voter rolls.

@merl - while I share your sentiments regarding Frothy Mix (and/or The Cooch) completely, we do discourage comments on this blog that advocate punching, kicking, hitting, stabbing or otherwise advocating physical harm against another’s person.  No matter how much they may deserve it.  ;-)

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