[insert the sound of choking and a visual of masticated food flying everywhere]

There are moments when you look around the blogosphere and wonder, “How do these dipshits manage not to choke to death while they’re eating because they can’t figure out how to breathe and chew at the same time?”

This is one of those moments:


by John Charlton

I did not vote for Hillary Clinton. But this week I am a Hilary Clinton fan, in a sense. Let me explain.

Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State of the United States under Barack Hussein Obama, is, in my opinion, the most powerful person on the planet right now; that is, this week.

She holds this position because the unique circumstances of history which have brought the United States into its present Constitutional Crisis; and of events which have unwittingly put her in the position of restoring the Republic and the Democratic Party, by her action, or destroying the same by her inaction. [...]

If Hilary Clinton just simply said simple one sentence, this week, it would cause the Obama administration to implode; resurrect the Democratic party as a viable entity in the 2010 elections, and be met with a swift ground swell of support from the entire people of the United States who still believe in the rule of law.

What is this sentence?

“After careful legal and historical study, I don’t believe Obama is a natural born citizen; and therefore I request Congress to hold hearings to determine whether he lawfully occupies the office of President of the United States, in accord with the objective requirements of Article II, Section i, paragraph 5, of the U.S. Constitution!”

Such a statement would show the following about Hilary Clinton’s character:

1) It would definitely demonstrate that she is a person of integrity, who puts the U.S. Constitution before all else.

2) It would definitely prove that, as a woman, she is not a follower but a leader.


3) It would without question prove that she is fucking insane and should be institutionalized immediately.

Yeah, Hillary will get right on that.

BONUS POINTS: This “editorial” concludes with…

It’s your choice, Madam Secretary.

Choose Life!

Abort! Abort!

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Holy shit, that is one amazing website.


The Post & Email is looking to hire a staff of citizen journalists, so that it can become a full time, on-line news site. Consider a career opportunity with us, by clicking here.

I came to the exact same conclusion as John Charlton when I was decoding Hillary’s pantsuit colors this week.

On the bright side, this might be a step up from the military coup rumblings heard recently from the Wingnutosphere.  Yeah, that’s… better, right?  I need to go out a buy a gun soon, don’t I?  Crap…

Mr. Charlton’s* obvious attempt to get PUMA on his side are futile for the most part because they’re already there.  Birferism started with Phil Berg and PUMA, maybe with a slight assist from the freeps.  He already has many a crossover from the PUMA camp on his side.

I’ve seen a few familiar names at the birfer sites, GAPuma, Ladyhawke and others who were ousted by the saner (cough) minds in Pumaland.  Some sound familiar, but have new nyms. 

*There is a feeling by some anti-birthers that John Charlton is actually Charles E. Lincoln, III though no proof exists.

Charles E. Lincoln, III

I don’t even know who that is. Some of you are so much better versed in the birfer stuff than I am.  After monitoring the PUMAs long before they came up with their cute little acronym, the Birfer angle was just waaaaay too much crazy for me.  I had to draw the line.

Cognitive dissonance is a hell of a drug.

You know, as implausible as the birthers’ claim is, if somehow they actually won, Biden would be president. And even if somehow they (yet even more implausibly) managed to argue that Biden wasn’t eligible either since he was elected on the same ticket, we’d get President Pelosi.

I never thought I’d see a massive push from PUMAs to get a President Biden or Pelosi.

They don’t see even the immediate repercussions of what would happen if they got their way - and it reminds me of this video.

Fascinating Captain. Apparently the subject wanked off so hard he pulled his brains out.

Does the patient give any sign as to what brought this on? And will Clinton’s majikal America-Saving powers expire at the end of this week?

I wonder if he has a whole series lined up:

I did not vote for [Nancy Pelosi]. But this week I am a [Nancy Pelosi] fan, in a sense. Let me explain.

*Laugh*  Yeah, I posted this in the Rumper Room a couple days ago.  Looks like Charlton is taking a break from licking Dr. Orly’s boots to trying to get some of that sweet sweet PUMA tail.  *Grin*

Kevin - Charles E. Lincoln, III is Dr. Orly’s “law clerk”.  He’s also a convicted felon who was disbarred as an attorney in three states.  He runs a mortgage scam website using the motto of the Confederate States of America, as well as a couple simular sites.  He’s also quite fond of spewing the Sovereign Citizens party line.

Of late he seems to also be Dr. Orly’s handler, sheparding her in interviews and handling much of her legal writing.  Which is why the quality of her writing has gone up, though it’s still batshit insane.

Yeah, I posted this in the Rumper Room a couple days ago.

I’ve been kinda busy lately, so must’ve missed it in the Rumper Room.  I found it via a totally whacked out PUMA blog (as opposed to the PUMA blogs that aren’t totally whacked out ... heh).

Patrick, it is a whole other order of guano now. Charles Lincoln III quotes Dante, and one of Orly’s filings to, I think, the hapless Judge Carter, said at the end,
“Filed on September 21, 2009.
  The Equinox.”

Helpful in case Judge Carter wanted to stand an egg on end, although that’s pretty much what dealing with an Orly filing is like.

Mrs. Polly - Yeah, he’s also cited Bastille Day and Lughnasadh as well in the court filings he writes for Dr. Orly.

Yeah, for those of you who haven’t been keeping up on this, I highly recommend checking out poster Patrick McKinnion’s excellent blogsite, BadFiction, which is site listed under the Polisnark category to the right (http://badfiction.typepad.com).

Patrick not only puts up regular well-researched posts that cover all facets of the crazy town happenings in “birtherland” (which often intersects with PUMA patheticness), but his blow-by-blow commentary is hilarious and brilliantly deconstructs “teh stupid”.

I highly recommend it.  He just put a new post up today.

Comment by G on 10/08/09 at 03:06 PM

He runs a mortgage scam website using the motto of the Confederate States of America, as well as a couple simular sites.

Ha! That ought to shut up everyone who thinks Orly is a bigot magnet.

Oh wait…

Magnifying what G said, Patrick is the most intrepid, and longest-running, as-it-happens historian of all Birtherstan, and the implacable chronicler of the Orly follies at the late Yes To Democracy. It’s really good to see that the wonderfully knowledgeable commenters from YTD reassembling at badfiction to take in his exhaustively entertaining snarkathon.

Between Patrick and Dr. Conspiracy at obamaconspiracy.com, Orly can’t bat a weapons-grade eyelash without being called on it. Not to mention Politijab, where I’d spend more time if I didn’t always forget my password. Too much nitrous and hairspray from visiting Orly’s Poison Website, which is always infected with malware and glow-in-the-dark worms.

Another reason to be grateful to the Orlyhunters. They put the full-PC-condoms on and go in so we don’t have to. Yick.

I’ve always thought Judge Carter really wanted to hear the case so he could rule on the birth certificate and put the matter to rest.  Unfortunately, Orly’s case is so bad and her behavior just so nutty he is having trouble finding a way to allow the case to proceed.

I don’t know, Glix; isn’t some of his questioning sounding as if he doesn’t think any judge has the power to rule on the president’s legitimacy? Even if he knows that he would instantly rule the Hawaiian COLB to be what it is, official and definitive, he would be allowing one branch to overstep its Constitutional powers.

Of course, we might all like the case to proceed simply out of morbid curiosity.

Good points in both of your followup posts, Mrs. Polly!

I followed the link and must say I enjoyed it.  Charlton’s “editorial” was the funniest thing I’ve read in days.  He should be writing for the Onion.  Many of the comments were also hilarious.

On the other hand, maybe he’s insane. There’s always that.

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