“Iron Man II” Best Comic Book Adaptation Since “The Fountainhead”


...at least, that’s what I’m reading at PJM and HotAir. [WARNING: These articles may contain spoilers.]

I haven’t seen the film yet, but I know the story…and I suspect that Ayn Rand would be appalled by Tony Stark’s trust-fund-baby lack of discipline and closet do-gooder streak. And between John Galt, Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark, I can’t help but notice that high-octane Objectivist/Libertarian fictional heroes generally tend to be wealthy, talented, narcissistic anarchists…like, say, Madonna, Bono and George Soros.

[UPDATE: Apparently, Science Fiction constitutes a good chunk of Libertarian literature, although all really good Science Fiction is inevitably Socialist, Utopian or Gay.]

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As I noted at WRWP, in their rush to force virtually EVERYTHING into their worldview, the Randians show themselves to be the evil(er) alternate universe versions of diehard Marxist.

Of course, considering that Rand’s “philosophy” was created largely to be Bizarro-communism, this makes quite a bit of sense.

@John Ball—Kudos for saying it shorter…and better.

If Tony Stark were John Galt, he’d don his billion-dollar armor and stream high-def Japanese porn into his eye-slits, while his adamantium pants jacked him off to the screams of Haitian earthquake victims.

But, has anybody seen Madonna, Bono or George Soros in the room at the same time as Iron Man?  Or Batman, for that matter?  They might be on to something!

@ Strange: If Tony Stark were John Galt/Howard Rourke, he’d be having creepy rapesex with a wealthy heiress, and wouldn’t need magical jerkoff pants. Instead he’d invent a power generator that runs off the screams of orphans.  And use it to heat up the jacuzzi.

Also, he wouldn’t be caught dead anywhere near an earthquake—unless he caused it to prevent being compromised by the evil socialists—because that would suggest what happens to others effects him somehow. And it doesn’t.  He’s better than the inferior herd, and he’ll be better off when they’re gone. Not that he’s advocating mass murder.  Just stating the facts.

And now that I’m done being a prick—thanks for the compliment.  But really, I just got lucky.

Apparently, Science Fiction constitutes a good chunk of Libertarian literature

Apparently gibbertarians are still pathetic wads of crap. WTF is Pratchett doing on that list? And LeGuin?

And is there any way to sum up the massive amounts of sad evident in the 2009 hall of fame award to Tolkien for the Lord of the Rings?

No. There isn’t. Don’t even try. You’ll hurt yourself.

Jesus Christ, John Varley! Doubleyou Tee Eff?

Of course, the tards of all types can misread whatever they want into anything.  They prove that all the time.

My wife & I did see Iron Man 2 this weekend.

It totally fraking rocked! I loved the 1st one and thought this was even better.  I recommend it to anyone, whether liberal or teabagger.

Favreau has a way of taking the lamest sounding movie and making it not nearly as bad as it sounds like it will be. I look forward to this film being on HBO.

The beginning and end of Iron Man 2 was great, but the 2nd act was draggin’ worse than a John Galt manifesto.

There are some excellent books on that literature list.  Even thinking back though, I don’t really picture van Vogt or Poul Anderson as libertarians.  More like excellent writers who happened to write about exceptional individuals.  I guess I must have read past all of the anti-government screeds.

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