ISIS Burns Mosul Library

Of course, the sort of people who burn people would also burn books. A group like ISIS that depends on the most narrow interpretation of religion is threatened by learning and the mere existence of anything that counters their cramped worldview. But no matter how many books are burned, more are always being written. It still angers me to see people try to blot out history and culture in this way, though.

Posted by Vixen Strangely on 02/26/15 at 07:18 AM • Permalink

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Also manuscripts and 3000-year-old Assyrian artifacts, which can never be replaced or even emulated. I can’t watch the video, any more than I could watch the video of a beheading. It’s a terrible thing.

And the grifter from Wasilla wanted to the same. So tell me again what’s the difference between fanatics
Sarah Palin, aspiring book banner? h-palin-ban.html

Comment by djchefron on 02/26/15 at 05:50 PM

This shit just makes me sad no matter who does it. :(

You know, @djcheferon, there are some parallels that I see with Islamic extremism and what Tengrain for Mock, Paper, Scissors calls “Y’all Qaeda”. Banning books isn’t too far from burning them, and I’ll note that ISIS also banned the teaching of evolution (a recent poll shows 49%of the GOP does not believe in evolution—I’m sure no small portion of that group might like evolution to not be taught, either). ISIS has punished gays by execution, and one could play “six degrees of separation” to most conservatives with Scott Lively, and anti-0gay activist who has campaigned for execution for gay people in Uganda. When any school board or state legislature proposes seriously truncating what kind of American History is taught, largely by editing out things like slavery that cast our early history in an unfavorable light, or try to re-write our history into some vision of a “Christian Nation”—they are, to me, in the same category as the antiquities-smashers. They do a grave disservice to posterity by robbing them of necessary truths. And they despise the education and work of women (see, particularly, Phyllis Schlafly) because they feel like women are for making new jihadists. A quiverful of them—I wonder?

And yet some wingers want to believe that progressive atheists would let guys like ISIS prosper? These jackoffs are my worst nightmare—I want them to be made history.

And also, I am appalled at the threat ISIS makes to groups like the Yazidi or the Assyrian Christians or the Copts. Traditional Islam let these folks be, and they were just unique minorities that did no harm. But now they are faced with genocide because of such rigid and violent fantasies of what? A somehow better life because the narrow faith of ISIS has no respect for any example of alternatives? They fear anything that looks like dissent? Their very best argument is the sword?

I seriously have no respect for ISIS. They are brutes. They attract brutes. If they want to kid themselves that their jihad means paradise without judgment, what kind of undiscerning and unmerciful God must they believe in? But I also don’t care a lot for narrowness and murderous use of religion no matter whoever uses it. The last refuge of a scoundrel, and the first of a beast.

My heart aches to see any books burned and so much of what these brutes are destroying is irreplaceable. 

Their very best argument is the sword?

Yep, and that’s the very same argument that our righty reactionaries want to use via US ground troops is exactly the same one.  Someone from the Obama administration made the point that we can’t shoot our way out of this one, which I took as a sign of intelligent life on earth, and the righties took as cowardice.  We’d better win the 2016 elections on every level, or we’re going to be right back in the Iraq war world, only bigger than before!

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