ISIS Gonna Get You If You Don’t Watch Out


It’s apropos that Rep Duncan Hunter’s (R-Hell, Yeah!) official website banner features a California skyscape dotted with hot air balloons . . . just sayin’.

In case you’re not that familiar with Hunter he’s the son of Duncan L Hunter (R-CA), former US congressman (1981-2009) and Republican presidential hopeful, for about two straw polls, in 2008. Hunter, Sr., a former Army Ranger who served in Vietnam, rose to chairman of the House Armed Services Committee during the 108th and 109th Congress.

Hunter, Jr. slid right into Dad’s seat, in 2009—House Armed Services Committee assignment and all—and has taken up many of Dad’s causes, as well—things like fetal person-hood, walling in the southern border, voting down international trade agreements and keeping the Military-Industrial Complex humming.

Hunter, Jr. has only been in Congress for five years but recognizes the value of the sound byte and appears to be Fox News’ Megyn Kelly’s go-to-guy on things military or national security-ish.  Hunter is equally comfortable, though, with others much further to the right like Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council.  Hunter has had quite a few chinwags with Perkins over issues homosexual like the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and marriage equality.

OK, so Hunter the Younger, clean-cut Marine and SoCal congressman may be telegenic but it’s becoming increasingly clear, the more the young man’s mouth runs, that he is perhaps not the sharpest legislator in the caucus.

Show you what I mean:

Homeland Security Secretary, Jeh Johnson was forced to get himself on the teevee to mop up after that one:

Let’s not unduly create fear and anxiety in the public by passing on speculation and rumor,” Johnson said Wednesday on CNN’s “Situation Room.”

Johnson said that there is no “credible, specific intelligence to that effect” and, therefore, public officials should “be responsible in what we decide to share with the American public, so that the public is informed.”

Looking right at you, Rep Hunter . . .

Johnson went on to describe how he, and other sane people in the intelligence community, go about assessing credible threats:

I look at the intelligence reports from overseas, from our southern border, from our intelligence community virtually every day, numerous times a day, to be on the lookout for something of that nature.

. . . we’re vigilant in looking out for individuals of suspicion that may be crossing our border, and we have no specific intelligence that ISIL is planning to come into the U.S. through our southern border.

Which sounds like a smarter approach than dialing 1-800-BorderPatrol and shooting the breeze with a chatty anonymous agent who’s more than happy to fill in junior congressmen interested in what kind of extra-scary bad guys brave BP agents are taking down.

When a DHS spokeswoman said that Hunter’s statements were “categorically false,” Hunter retaliated on Facebook (where else?) in this manner:


Oh dear! now he’s linking to crackpot Larry Klayman’s Judicial Watch website to source his info.

Based on the foregoing, I think it’s pretty safe to say that, at best, Rep Hunter is a pretty naive rookie congressman even by current House standards.  At worst? he’s an irresponsible, opportunistic fear-monger who doesn’t appear to be spending much time representing the people of his congressional district.  Unless, of course, they are all credulous dupes of crackpot conspiracy theorists, in which case he’s doing a bang-up job.  As a side note, I would advise Rep Hunter to stay far, far away from any high stakes poker games because he’s a really amateur liar.

The other interesting angle on all of this is that back in August, Rep Hunter was busy telling us all how insignificant a threat ISIS is—jayvee terrorists, if you please.  Here he is giving Megyn goosebumps, again during a story on Americans and Europeans joining ISIS:

So.  There you have it, directly from House Armed Services Committee-guy:

Americans joining ISIS are just like all those “liberal elitists” who joined the Communist Party to fight against Franco, in the Spanish Civil War. You know, like the ones Ernest Hemingway wrote about in For Whom The Bell Tolls.

But, fear not, conservative non-elitists, Duncan’s here to make sense of it all . . .

[Islamic State] in Iraq is not an existential threat to us. They’re not going to harm the United States. They’re bad guys, yes. If you’re there.

But a bunch of guys wearing pajamas pushing up logs, they are not an existential threat to U.S. like North Korea is, like Iran is, like Pakistan is. They are not like that.

[Note to self: Look up “existential threat”]

But, wait for it . . . here’s a talking point opening—“the only” threat the Islamic State poses directly to the U.S. is if they can get their operatives inside the United States to carry out attacks.  Which was essentially the overall point and fear factor of Megyn’s report—that it shouldn’t be too tricky for Westerners joining ISIS to get back into their own countries.

People with US passports need only hop on Qatar Airways to come home.  Of course, flying into Newark isn’t all that sexy or terrorist-y but they certainly don’t have to go to all the inconvenience and discomfort of hooking up with Mexican drug cartels to sneak them over the Mexican border. 

Nevertheless, undeterred by logic, Rep Hunter boldly soldiers on:

That’s why it’s so important that you secure the southern border ... and start denying visas in totality to people from the Middle East, from this area unless they’re persecuted Christians.  And then we have to allow them in.

Unless, of course, persecuted Christians start joining ISIS . . . then we might have to reassess.

Or, perhaps, the Congressman would like to expand his dragnet and not allow anyone who has traveled to the Middle East back into the country?

Nice work, California.  He’s all yours . . .

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Let’s see, don’t let anyone who has traveled to the Middle East back into the US; is this in conjunction with fellow party whackaloons who want to bar entry to anyone coming from West Africa? 

Why don’t they just let their freak flag fly and demand we bar anyone who ever left the US from returning; after all, if you left in the first place then you don’t love the US enough to be allowed to return.

after all, if you left in the first place then you don’t love the US enough to be allowed to return.

c.f. the Ballad of William Worthy

“William Worthy’s not worthy to enter our door
He went to Cuba, he’s not American anymore
Still, it’s strange to hear the State Department say
‘You are living in the Free World, in the Free World you must stay!’”

Oh, that “key Syrian town” about to fall to ISIS in that first screencap?

Evidently not.

Thanks to Kurdish women.

Someone tell Hunter - I want to see his face when he’s told a bunch of women are braver than he is.

Thanks for a blast from the past. In a previous life, I was editor of the Ohio State Sundial “humor” magazine.

Phil Ochs and R.L. Stine were on the staff, along with a winner of the Newbery Prize, Carol Nicklaus. <sigh>

Duncan Hunter pers was my congress critter for a while.  He’s a right-wing idiot, but the district (rural East County San Diego), was full of right-wing idiots at the time.

Duncan Hunter fils is in a district that’s been gerrymandered to include almost all the right-wing nut job enclaves of San Diego County.  Which means he’s pretty much got the job unless he gets caught with a live boy or dead girl.

@Tom Stickler Wow, that sounds like a wonderful job!

Duncan Hunter Sr was, IIRC, the bloke who first tried “personhood for zygotes” in the House, which makes him a very special kind of RW asshole in my book. When he scudded-out in the 2008 GOP rodeo, I was sort of hoping he was all over and done. The surfacing of his progeny appalls me. How in the hell did an intelligent nature produce more of these? And yet, the son is pretty much the same shit on another day. Were the reality not that there was an arrest of PKK affiliated people (which probably tipped-off the whole rumor—they are actually anti-ISIL, but on the State Dept terror list not least of which because they are drug lords—making their incursion through the Mexican border kind of weird. Surveilling their Sinaloa competition? Playing for some franchise, like they can undercut homegrown poppy?

Looking to visit one of John McCain’s homes to see if he wants to push for more funds for their anti-ISIL activity?

I can’t even. Just saying—there was a thing with supposed ME terrorist-affiliated people on the border. The problem is, RW media and pols really went out of their way to pretend this was a bigger thing—threat apprehended, ergo, border security=working. Yeah. Surprisingly enough, our government -provided solution kinda works.

Also, one of the wankers spreading this meme was Tom Cotton. He also spoke to some border control guy. Ya know, IA Rep Steve King likes to pretend he’s a border agent. I think he got this from Mr. Cantaloup calves himself.

Can the voters stop with the dopey “legacy” hires once and for all?  What’s with people?  This country wasn’t meant to have a hereditary aristocracy.

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