Islamophobe said *what*?

Steve M. noticed the same thing I have recently. While most of the rightwing blogs are getting batshit-crazier by the minute due to the Obama presidency, Little Green Footballs seems to be getting more, ummmm, reasonable of late.  Weird. Maybe we should figure out a way to get all wingnut bloggers to tussle with Belgian fascists. Is it too late to work that into the stimulus package?

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With such brilliant names as “Little Green Footballs” and “Pajamas Media”, it makes one wonder if they take themselves seriously.

LGF was just a standard nerd blog before it took a turn into crazy-town after 9/11.  Maybe Mr. Johnson realizes there’s more to life than page-views.

It’s altogether puzzling. Charles is even defending Obama’s “bow” to Kind Abdullah (sort of).

The Freepers are not amused. I certainly could not be more surprised if I heard Charles Krauthammer calling for dialogue with Iran, or Daniel Pipes insisting on the Palestian “right of return.”


I followed a link to LGF from Media Matters this morning and noticed the same thing.

I was able to read entire posts without throwing my laptop against the wall in disgust.

Don’t worry, we’ll always have Murph, Malkin and Protein Wisdom.

And Lame Cherry, and Reclusive Leftist ...

The Lomonts declined to explain what the cartoon meant.

Of course not. Even surrounded by their fellow knuckle-draggers, these people are still whiny bitches.

What the hell happened there?

We really need an edit button

Tom, I know you meant to post that in the RumperRoom. But it actually kind of works here, too.

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