How Special Is This?


Well, it appears that conservatives have a new lease on life now that Mister Speaker has finally caved and decided to let the Daydream Believers Caucus play Special Committee to re-investigate Benghazi! Benghazi! BENGHAZI!! 

Playing the part of Matthew McConaughey will be Rep. Harold Watson Gowdy III . . . but you can call him Trey.

Someday, I’m sure, the various House investigations into the Benghazi attack will go down in the annals as the Congressional investigation uncovering more smoking unloaded guns than any other [excepting, perhaps, the illustrious efforts of Sen. Joseph McCarthy who may, ultimately, have the Benghazi crowd beat, but they’re not done yet, so we’ll have to wait for the final tally]. 

The White House has turned over 25,000+ pages of documents and five different House Committees (Armed Services, Foreign Affairs, Intelligence, Judiciary, and Oversight and Government Reform) have burned through millions of dollars and collected hundreds of hours of testimony, to no particular avail.

Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) has resisted pressure to convene a “Watergate-like special investigative committee” for over a year and a half but recent events have evidently changed his mind.

The smoking gun, this time around, happens to be an email that, if you’re Republican, proves that the White House is directly responsible for covering up something about the Benghazi attack because a White House media consultant was discovered consulting with the WH on media. 

Just you never mind that the smoking-hot! email evidence dovetails nicely into the timeline of Things We Already Know About Benghazi and supports the conclusions that were drawn from exhaustively poring over the same for a year and a half.

The thing that appears to excite Republicans the most about this latest “find” is that it did not turn up before this, with the other 25,000 docs, ergo it must have been “vanished” by WH spooks.  [That’s the logical equivalent of Terri Lynn Land telling us there’s no Republican War on Women because she’s a Republican woman.] 

Evidently these folks have never made FOIA requests of bureaucrats, in the past, or their expectations might have been a little lower.  Or, perhaps they are as half-assed about filling out FOIA requests as they are about other things? or GIGO, we used to say.

The bottom line is—this is not “NEW!!” information, we all know that it was the CIA’s initial talking points that were coming out of administration mouths.  We all know that made perfect sense because THEY WERE THERE!  most of the people clamoring for statements, and forming opinions about what should have happened couldn’t find Benghazi on a map to save their lives.  Many of the same gang quickly demonstrated that they didn’t know the difference between an embassy and a consulate but they sure felt that they had lots of valuable advice to give Hillary Clinton about doing her job.

Let’s face it, these people, with all of their tax-dollar-sucking subpoenas and testimony and commissions, panels and committees haven’t found someone to pillory, yet.  Which tells me a) there is no one to pillory or b) they are so inept at investigation they couldn’t find a red herring in a green room.

And none! count ‘em, nada, of these people made a peep the twelve times similar attacks, incurring even greater loss of lives, occurred during the Bush administration.

Here are just a handful of those forgotten events as compiled by Bob Cesca:

May 12, 2003. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Armed al-Qaida terrorists storm the diplomatic compound killing 36 people including nine Americans. The assailants committed suicide by detonating a truck bomb.

March 2, 2006. Karachi, Pakistan again. Suicide bomber attacks the U.S. Consulate killing four people, including U.S. diplomat David Foy who was directly targeted by the attackers. (I wonder if Lindsey Graham or Fox News would even recognize the name “David Foy.” This is the third Karachi terrorist attack in four years on what’s considered American soil.)

July 9, 2008. Istanbul, Turkey. Four armed terrorists attack the U.S. Consulate. Six people are killed.

September 17, 2008. Sana’a, Yemen. Terrorists dressed as military officials attack the U.S. Embassy with an arsenal of weapons including RPGs and detonate two car bombs. Sixteen people are killed, including an American student and her husband (they had been married for three weeks when the attack occurred). This is the second attack on this embassy in seven months.

Where was the outrage then, Ladies and Gentlemen of the GOP?  Where were the inquests and committee hearings and FOIA requests then?  Where were the tweeted subpoenas and the twittering about justice for the dead?

I have a simple theory [as most of my theories are] about this, and that is that Speaker Boehner knows, better than anyone, what a butt-migraine Harold Watson Gowdy III and the rest of the kids in the Shrill Caucus can be when they don’t have enough hands-on “Saving America” stuff to do. 

I’m fairly certain that Boehner is as Benghazi-weary as the rest of us and when he saw it rolling down The Hill at him, one more time, he got an evil glint in his eye and discovered he could turn the whole thing to his advantage—round up the Shrills, give them special titles, special aides and a special little wood-panelled room to hang out in and let them howl at the moon all summer.

It’s the Congressional equivalent of giving the kids “movie money” and the keys to the car to get them out of your hair for a while.

Brilliant, Mr Speaker.

Oh and Mr. Gowdy? congratulations for winning the admiration of a thought-leader like El Rushbo.  You’re a shooting star!  Can’t wait to hear all of your secret evidence of “a systematic, intentional decision to withhold documents from Congress.”

Obviously, since this latest smoking email was handed over, I guess the administration is as bad at withholding documents from Congress as Congress is at investigating the administration of withholding documents.  Personally? I would have burned it, or eaten it, maybe, instead of handing it over to a conservative outfit’s FOIA request.

But then,maybe the White House didn’t realize how very, very, very critically important that consultant’s email was?

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“We did not have a terrorist attack on our country during President Bush’s term…” Dana Perino

There were no Americans killed while George W(orst President Ever) Bush was in office.


Because Benghazi…

Playing the part of Matthew McConaughey will be Rep. Harold Watson Gowdy III . . . but you can call him Trey.

Trey Detective?

For people who want to limit government spending, they sure spend a lot on a whole lot of nothing. :P

@domynoe   they’ve got nothing better to do.

The ultimate target is Hillary of course, but they have to move now rather than waiting another 18 months or so because: midterms. 

This committee is nicely situated to make a lot of crazy noise on the way to the 2014 midterms and perhaps burn out enough marginal voters for them to just say screw it, why bother voting.  The latter is a side effect that comes from the never-ending whack-a-loon kabuki on display, and I think it is perhaps more dangerous to our democracy than their constant ranting.  “Both sides do it” is insidious…..

As I posted somewhere else about this, whenever I see a picture of Trey, all I can see is this guy.

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