Israeli Press Office Accidentally Emails Heinous Song Parody to Media Outlets

First Rule of Crisis Communications Management: If you’ve just killed a bunch of people, try not to giggle about it while the cameras are rolling.

The music video above was produced by Latma TV, a hard-line Likudnik comedy group (if such a thing is possible) that’s sponsored by notorious DC neo-con skunk-works, the Center for Security Policy. It portrays the passengers of the Turkish relief ship Mavi Marmara as terrorists bent on the slaughter of Jews, and the deluded Liberal peaceniks who serve as their unwitting accomplices. 

On Friday, the Israeli Government Press Office “inadvertently” mass-emailed the video link to a list of domestic and foreign journalists. Three hours later, they “retracted” the email with a statement disavowing any endorsement of the video’s content.

By that time, of course, the video was already going viral on English-speaking Wingnut sites across the US and Europe (even Finland!)—which seems to have been the point, since Latma (which means “hit” or “blow” in Arabic) produces programming exclusively in Hebrew, except when the message is specifically intended for export consumption.

Jonah Goldberg posted it at NRO, with a short note that suggests he was first alerted to its existence by his readers. Yeah, and maybe I’m a Chinese jet pilot.

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If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times: Jews just can’t do comedy.

Maybe I’m just being stupid but what in the world would be the point of releasing the video, inadvertently or otherwise?  The only people who might find it amusing are those people who agree with Israel’s actions; it certainly wouldn’t bring anyone else around to that position.  It likely would turn some who are wishy-washy about the flotilla incident against Israel’s actions.

Color me confused (and maybe stupid) about this.

Because the Israeli far-right are a bunch of sociopathic nitwits who spend so much time in a self-justifying bubble that the idea that people will be repelled by this doesn’t register.  After all, celebrating the death of the filthy untermenschen is something every right-thinking person gets behind.

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