It BEGINS: New York Same-Sex Couples Attack Marriage With Marriage!

We 3 New York At Last

While we’re waiting under the Heat Dome for international markets to tank, at last some news to gladden the heart—at least for those of us romantic multi-culti moonbats rooting for the destruction of society’s sacred institutions. Finally, same-sex couples are allowed to marry in New York.

At a minute past midnight, weddings took place all across the state, including the wedding of activists Kitty Lambert and Cheryle Rudd in front of a rainbow-washed Niagra Falls. Just a few minutes ago, the New York City Marriage Bureau performed its first same-sex marriage for Phyllis and Connie, who are 75 and 85, and were radiant in blue.

At 150% humidity, it’s amazing how much joy the air was able to hold.

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We all need the good news.

DADT is official DEAD, NY joins the ranks of states against bigotry and Maryland is going to give it another try. I say this calls for 500 glitter bombs.

And I’m not ashamed to admit that the pictures of older couples getting hitched makes me snivel like a little girl.

Phyllis and Connie brought tears to my eyes.

Phyllis and Connie had me snuffling too, so here’s a trigger warning for you: get out your big red flannel hanky!

Picture of P&C tweeted by NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn (she’s the one in the lilac suit).

Lovely, Ms. Polly.  Who could have a problem with great gramma getting married (wait, don’t answer that…no need to spoil the day).

Ripping at society’s foundations has never been so joyful!

Congratulations to P&C and everyone else who can get married now!

Congratulations to all those getting married today, tomorrow and every day going forward.

That brought tears to my eyes.  This is a truly loving moment.  Congratulations to them and all the other couples seeking to legalize their commitment to one another.  I don’t understand how anyone could deny these two people to legally sanction their love.  But then again, I don’t get child molesters, dog abusers, crazed mass killers, the Westboro Church congregation (I could go on, but you get my point).

Those pictures of Phyllis and Connie have made me all teary-eyed.  What a beautiful thing their love is.  And, as I’ve stated around the blogosphere, we’re only going forward on this issue (yes, with bumps along the way).  The haters can suck it. 

Best wishes to all the happy couples!

OK, I’m watching the video now.  Someone pass me the tissues!

Thanks for posting this Mrs. P.  It’s so very touching that Phyllis and Connie (and all the other couples!) were finally able to marry.  I wish them many more happy years together and am very happy that nobody can interfere with their right to be there for each other as they get older.

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