It wasn’t supposed to end this way…

Jake and Khalid

Two of the happiest moments in my life occurred in 1999. The best of those was when I married my wonderful wife Chris in front of family and friends on a scorching July day on a classed-up barge docked by the Brooklyn Bridge. The other great moment unfolded in a tiny Fort Greene studio apartment that was crammed with several of my college pals as we watched our beloved Connecticut Huskies beat the repulsive Duke Blue Devils in the NCAA basketball championship game. When the game ended we were all jumping up and down so much you could actually feel the geriatric wood floors flexing from the stress. We laughed, we cried, we high-fived like fools, we ran to the rooftop garden and screamed at the top of our lungs. It was a great night that turned into a great drunken morning (and a really bad next day at work).

Fast forward to 2008 and it’s been a bit of a chore to be a Huskies fan of late. The 2006-07 season ended with a very young Huskies squad finishing a dismal 6-10 in the Big East during the regular season and, ultimately, not getting invited to either the NCAA or NIT tournaments. This year started out poorly as well, but UConn has been on a short, impressive run.  First they clobbered 13th-ranked Marquette and then beat formidable Cincinnati on their home court. Today they took on the Indiana Hoosiers and this is why I didn’t want to watch:

  • Indiana is currently ranked #7 in the nation and had a thirteen-game winning streak going into today’s game.  UConn is unranked and had a two-game winning streak going into today’s game.
  • The game was taking place in Indiana’s Assembly Hall and the Hoosiers had a 29-game home winning streak going into today’s game.
  • And if that wasn’t bad enough ... UConn coach Jim Calhoun indefinitely suspended starting shooting guard Jerome Dyson and bench guard (and occasional spark plug) Doug Wiggins.

It wasn’t supposed to end this way…

Stanley Robinson

Connecticut beats Indiana 68-63!!!

Jim Calhoun: “Quite frankly, they deserve more than a hug from me. They deserve one from the state of Connecticut, from the university, from our fans.”

Calhoun, proving once again why he’s a Hall of Fame coach, put four bench players on the floor at the same time after a poor UConn start and the Huskies never looked back, overtaking the Hoosiers with a 12-1 run and maintaining the lead for the rest of the game. What a game.

This season may end up being a lot more fun than I thought.



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Great game today. Hope to see more of it down the stretch.

I guess things are better off than we thought. I will spend tomorrow afternoon savoring the game on the old dvr. That was a damn fine evening back in ‘99. I think of it often because it was on that night (after all that yelling and drinking) that I decided to shave my head to the quick in honor of Ricky Moore. What was I thinking?

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