“J’ackasse!”: Wingnut Firebrand Calls Out Lindsey Graham Over L’affaire Doofus

Pink Power Ranger, hypertension poster-child and modern-day Émile Zola (Emily Zoloft?) Ann Barnhardt has just about had it with pussy-pants dhimmis like Lindsey Graham and Gen. David Petraeus, who’ve challenged Pastor Terry Jones’ Constitutional right to dare fanatical Muslims to prove that the Christian God is powerless to prevent the murder of innocents.

In this self-posted video, Ann repeatedly calls Sen. Graham a jackass, before inviting him to a vicious ass-whipping that will leave him “sobbing in the Men’s Room.” It’s long, but if nothing else you must slide the counter to 4:38 to hear the Instant Web Classic, “If you want to go head-to-head with someone of intellectual parity, I’m your huckleberry.”

BONUS CRAZY: Although Rumproast does not condone or endorse stupid people who do patently dumbass shit under the guise of “principle,” I’ve included Part 2 of Ann’s presentation—wherein she reads passages from a copy of the Koran that she’s bookmarked with raw bacon strips, then burns the individual pages—as a public service below the fold. It’s the best evidence yet that “American Exceptionalism” is a virulent delusion that deserves its own entry in the DSM-IV.

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Emily Zoloft (oh that’s so yummy, Strange) describes herself pretty nicely:

Which brings us to last Sunday’s Gospel reading, which, I admit, did cause a wry grin to flutter ever so quickly across my firmly clenched maw.

(I’m not linking to her home frothery; don’t feel like dragging out my little pink musket tonight. I have a headache.)

And I’m hoping even Bin Laden will say, “OK, this is just too stupid to dignify with a beheading.”

Always with the mens’ toilet with these people.

And such a potty mouth on her, too. For extra entertainment, HTP, try pausing the video on any frame. There is no segment of time small enough to capture her looking less than entirely demented. Even Bachmann occasionally looks like she might think of fluffy duckies and bunnies instead of just blood running through the streets of Washington all the time.

Always with the mens’ toilet

Among these types, it’s almost obligatory to pair Lindsay Graham with a reference to toilets, bathhouses or slip-on shoes.

Surprisingly, this woman had a successful business that didn’t involve frightening children, collecting medical debts or sabotaging online Christian dating services.

Roger Kimball at PJM calls Ann a “Culture Hero”.

If this crazy bitch is Zola, who’s Dreyfus? Bradley Manning?

Pastor Jones, I think, is the “falsely-accused” here.

Oh yeah. Zola was pro-Dreyfus. That’s just sick.

James Walcott has a nice take on this.

It’s a shame she’s getting that kind of visibility, though.

So much for tolerance.

This stuff just makes me sick, disgusted, sad, and frustrated.  (And I didn’t even have to watch the videos to get that way.)

I agree with Strange on the shame of her getting so much attention.  I’ve been feeling it for some years that we give the anus berets too much visibility.  There is no reason for them to dial back the crazy when they are richly rewarded for it.  The Walcott take-down of her is delicious, though.

The “Culture Hero” is probably not going to be hunted down and killed by illiterate religious fanatics here in the US. However, the “Culture Hero” and her fellow “Culture Hero” Pastor Terry Jones are making things a bit more dicey for a relative of mine whose duty it will soon be to put on a uniform with an American flag on it, pick up a rifle and board a plane bound for a country (Afghanistan) heavily peopled by the very aforementioned illiterate religious fanatics the “Culture Hero” hopes to inflame.

On behalf of the family, allow me to convey the following message to the “Culture Hero”—FUCK YOU.

The only proper response here is to roll your eyes. Trash Talk Barbie and her Hello Kitty firearm accessories are nothing more than fap material for the Fighting 101st Keyboardists.

Lol uh wow that really hurts, using bacon on the Quran!! Because we all kno that the Quran is forbidden from eating or having bacon inserted between it’s pages. But hey this is as close as they will get to intellectual discourse lol

I have a new personal rule. The next time I hear someone say “this is a Christian nation!” I am not going to try to engage them with a rational discussion of how the founding fathers were Deists.

I’m going to punch them in the face then shit on a Bible.

Lol uh wow that really hurts, using bacon on the Quran!! Because we all kno that the Quran is forbidden from eating or having bacon inserted between it’s pages. But hey this is as close as they will get to intellectual discourse lol

What’s additionally humorous from my perspective is that unless she can read Arabic, it is very unlikely that Ann Barnhardt desecrated a valid copy of the Qur’an.  Translations of the text are suspect, to put it mildly.

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