Jan Brewer, Seller Of Tails, Plus, WE HAVE A WINNER

Now no fingerpointing! It’s not as if the Governor is the first Arizona Tealoon to turn a tidy profit on her untidy relationship with the truth. So the Governor has managed to massage her encounter with the President into sales: “Scorpions for Breakfast,” her hilarious political fabulation-a-clef,  has zoomed on Amazon from 343,222 to 7. (Thanks TPM) Shall we deny an author the fruits of the sweat of her tongue?

But now to the news I know Roastafarians have been on tenterhooks waiting for: the winner of the Kaption This Kaptious Kook Contest and the valuable, one-of-a-kind Jan Brewer Souvenir Hospitality Bottle Cap:

Contratulations, meepmeep! We (that is the editorial “we,” or imperial, even, as I Polly, without input or influence from any outside source, ran the contest as if it were my own private fiefdom or something) enjoyed all the entries, but went for the combination of disrespect (also referenced cleverly by other competitors), and colorful use of dipsomaniac vocabulary, which struck us (me) as ringing true. And it was sourced! The PUMA reference was gravy; you had us (me) at “GOOD STUFF.”

Perhaps I should have said, “And the Bottle Cap goes to,” because NOBODY’S A LOSER HERE. Oh God, I hate competition! I love you all.

MeepMeep, email me to let me know where to mail your prize: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). For complaints about procedural aberations and/or violations of the spirit of Good Gamesmanship, kindly refer to this site, which will help you work up a good head of resentment, and nourish it in your heart for years and years and years to come.

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kindly refer to this site, which will help you work up a good head of resentment, and nourish it in your heart for years and years and years to come.

I love how they’ve now gone full birther over there in addition to being stuck on Groundhog Day.

Mar, that site’s a mess. Not only Birther, but chem trails, and their trademarked brand of virulent misandry to boot.

I think they’ve discovered Perpetual Emotion.

LOL at the Puma link the girlies are pissing themselves about the hearing in Georgia, ANY DAY NOW!  It is as if they think that some pissant Administrative Law Judge recommending that POTUS not be on the ballot in Georgia will somehow magically make Dear Hillary POTUS.  It’s as funny as all hell.

Don’t worry, the chem trail thing has been solved by this enterprising lady:


I love that the kid is concerned with credibility…

Comment by t4toby on 01/30/12 at 02:14 PM

But this election is driving me to drink (even more than usual) and I can’t afford the good stuff. Cirrhosis caused by cheap liquor is so very pathetic.

@toby: another turkey who probably drowns when it rains. Lord help that kid; what do you bet she’s home-schooling him?

Aside from all the else wrong, reminds me of people who use flash to take pictures of the moon.

D-yee-amn, that was a good caption pick! Also too, thanks Mrs P, you’ve inspired the New Year February (never January) denial of all things good like food and alcohol by portraying beautiful fluffy pancakes with SCORPIONS, surely a bit of a dietary turn-off. If I’ve not dumped 10 pounds by mid-March, I’ll ask you to blingee lasagna with Gingrich ‘n Callista- branded parmesan and ground cockroach pepper.


I’d like to thank the Academy and all the Little People who helped to make this possible… except for those of you who didn’t help, and don’t think I won’t remember you, oh yes, I certainly will, and there will be a reckoning, maybe sooner, maybe later, when you least suspe…

Ahem.  Anyhoo, the bottle cap will be most welcome, as well as that check for $500, which will come just in the nick of time for the orphans I recently adopted, but were just about to be acquired by Newt’s KinderKamp for Janitorial Training* in exchange for some badly needed funds. Little Suzy** and Timmy*** will now get a reprieve, at least for awhile.  I love happy endings.

As an added bonus, I learned a new word: dipsomania. I am thus even further enriched!  Thank you Mrs. Polly!


Comment by meepmeep09 on 01/31/12 at 01:36 AM
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