Joe Biden Being Awesome

Rachel Maddow showed part of this clip last night from a 2007 Democratic presidential candidate debate. Candidates Biden and Richardson respond to a YouTube question on gun control from a Ted Nugent wannabe who fondly strokes his assault weapon, referring to it as his “baby” and asking how the candidates will help him protect his “baby.” Watch:

Richardson attempts a boilerplate response that won’t unduly alarm gun-fondlers. Biden questions the mental health of anyone who would refer to an assault weapon as his “baby.” I’m glad Biden is heading up the gun control taskforce.

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Posted by Betty Cracker on 12/20/12 at 06:30 AM • Permalink

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I love Biden- Biden’s experienced real loss, and he can relate to the common people.  This is why wingnuts hate the guy.  Me?  I would same-sex marry Biden… in a totes hetero way.

Oh, sorry about posting so soon after you… I thought I was the only one posting this early!

No worries, B4! I actually back-timed mine so I wouldn’t step on your more well-thought-out post. Mine was just a toss-off. :)

I love Biden too. He’s one of the more “real” politicians out there.

Thank you for posting that video clip. I just hope Biden can get something done this time around, but I am not hopeful. Indeed, I doubt they can even get stricter gun laws passed in Newtown.

Comment by J. on 12/20/12 at 08:39 AM

Silly LIEbruls! It’s not really his baby—it’s his GOD!

Seriously, that’s what it comes down to for the unrepentant depraved gun nut: Gun Is God.

It is the thing that keeps them “safe.” (Translation for too many: “Safe” means—will allow them to blow away a black man legally on that day when Mr. Oogedy-Boogedy Negro tries to steal his women and rape his cattle—which you know “those people” are just dying to do.)

It is the ONLY source of “liberty” and “freedom.” So when the GOPTeabillies and their tools on the SCOTUS and elsewhere mouth pieties about “God-given” rights, it is code for “Gun-Given Rights.”

They are a half-hair away from taking Jesus off the cross and sticking their precious God of Mass Murder on there instead.

I’m sure this line of rhetoric wouldn’t be helpful in winning the political debate. But the way gun nuts talk about their weapons, it is clear to me that they have made false idols of them.

It’s scary enough when they use Imaginary Sky-Daddy as justification for all sorts of malfeasance. But at least their imaginary deity isn’t really capable of killing anyone (despite their attributing Rambo-like qualities of vengeance to him—even when 20 kids are blown away). But their REAL God—their Gun—scares the fuck out of me.

I totally agree with you re Biden heading up the gun control task force.  After the Aurora shootings I posted about gun control and a lot of people told me I was whistling into the wind.  But this time there finally seems to be some momentum and consensus that we have to address the problem.  And if anyone can keep the conversation going it’s Biden.

Mar, I am hoping this time will be different, but I’ve felt that so often before. But yes, Biden is probably a good guy to head this. Hell, he will probably never run for office again so he’s in a perfect position to tell the NRA to eff off.

If a kid swallows a loose part from a toy or gets hit in the head with a lawn dart, those items are off the market, post-haste. 20 kids die in one mass shooting and hundreds others one at a time every year in this country and it’s “Oh well, nothing to be done.”

And honestly, I’m just going to say that, while there are good reasons for people to keep a weapon or two on hand for protection in some cases (isolated on a farm where you need to protect livestock, been stalked by abusive ex, etc)—if you have a Bushmaster or something similar around your house, as opposed to locked up at a target range where you can blast inanimate shit all day long for all I care, you are either harboring fantasies of mass murder/race war, or you are a straight-up coward.

I am a middle-aged woman who lives alone in Chicago and I mostly work nights—and I have NEVER felt like I needed to pack heat in order to stay safe. Maybe I have just been lucky. But then again—if you have a lot of guns in your house unsecured and nobody has died yet, then so have you. I like my odds better, frankly.

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