Joe the Fascist

Quelle surprise—the feeble-minded plunger jockey prefers good old fashioned propaganda to reportage.

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Media should have no business reporting war.  Love it, just love it.  “Feeble minded plunger jockey” attributes way too much intelligence to this joker.  I hope he is such a total laughingstock that whoever the f**k decided this was a good idea is banned from the media forever and ever.

No Media… Just Plumbers.  They know the poop.

An incoming rocket blowing his head off would actually increase his IQ by a few points.

Would some of you evil media types report Joe’s travel plans so that Hamas can aim better?  Thanks!

take THAT, MSM!

I still think Malkin should have gone.

May the vengeful ghost of Ernie Pyle shove him head first into a port-o-john.

But I’ll settle for a few Israeli soldiers kicking his ass just to stop the constant flow of stoopid.

Do I need to point out that if a liberal insta-celeb appeared on camera dressed like he’d been working on his car, the shrieks of outrage would shatter glass?

Didn’t think so.

Maybe he’ll sketch his location in the sand a la Geraldo.

But wait…isn’t reporting on a war and being a (pretend) journalist exactly the reason Michelle Malkin and these Pajamatards sent him there in the first place?!

My favourite moment… “To be honest i don’t think journalists should be anywhere allowed war.”

Librul Elite Journalism = Bad. Redundant skin head reporting good times all the time = Good!

America…FUCK YEAH.

“I think media should be abolished from, ya know, reporting.”


“I think Pajamas media should be abolished from, ya know, reporting.”


“Unfiltered access to the truth gives me an ice-cream headache. Which is like, you know, really a bitch, and you just want to slam your head in a car door until it stops. And I’m sure I speak for many of the soldiers here when I say that war is like eating ice cream too fast, and why the fuck do you need a permission slip to commit an atrocity?

“I mean, what the fuck, anyway? This shit is nuts, man.”

And guess what, when he goes to Congress he’s going to say “Government, you know, is bad.  It should have no part in regulating things and saying that you know, you can’t do stuff”  And when he’s in bed with his boyfriend he’ll say “Damnit, gays, I mean, haven’t you read the Bible, gays are just wrong.  Gay butt sex just doesn’t make sense.”

I’m going to rent a oxygen equipment before I watch The Daily Show’s take on this. I suggest you do the same.

And what the fuck does his t-shirt say? Looks like Springfield and I’m too lazy to find my glasses.

Thank you, Betty, for going out and getting fresh stupidity for us. And the econo-pack size, too.

I like this part:

Israeli:  “Do you have any questions?”

ToiletPlungerJoe:  “I have so many I’m just trying to think of the best one.”

followed by:

“Why are you guys collecting this stuff?”

When he prioritized his repertoire of excellent journalistic questions that’s the one that made the top of the list?  I wonder what questions didn’t make the cut?

“What’s for lunch?”
“Where am I?”

The gang over at Something Awful did a Mr. Plumber Goes To Gaza spoof a few days ago, and it’s … surprisingly good:

Comment by cschack on 01/12/09 at 05:30 AM

I had no problem with his confusion over which question to ask and even the first question he asked. For the average person it was an OK question.

But like his High Priestess Sarah Palin, he can’t SHUT UP until he’s all listeners have not the slightest shred of doubt that he’s a bullet-headed blowhard.

Rush Limpbags better watch his back. I think Plunger Jockey is after his gig.

I watched Liz Glover interviewing that dog at CNN Grille during the Palin speech (again)last night. That dog was a lot more articulate than Joe and better looking too.

Pandagon does a great take-down of the whole situation: badge_of_plumbage/

Comment by Tom65 on 01/12/09 at 09:38 AM

they don’t make conservatives like they used to, huh?

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