John McCain / Marge Gunderson ‘08

I don’t know if we were the first blog to compare Sarah Palin to Marge Gunderson, but we rolled with it right after her selection was announced (see “new category” update). Glad to see it’s catching on.  This is brilliant:

[via AMERICAblog]

BONUS: Wasilla, the movie.

Posted by Kevin K. on 09/04/08 at 11:50 AM • Permalink

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Marge Gunderson was actually ethical and competent.

I think her voice reminds me more of William H. Macy’s wife in that movie.

Not effective imo.

The movie played on urbanites prejudices about people who talk different & Marge showed them.

It would offend a large swath of the nation.  Sort of like an ad that assumed that the idea that anyone with a Brooklyn or Jersey accent could be veep would be absurd and funny.

Many, probably most, people in my neck of the woods would find the idea hilarious, but it might not play well in Brooklyn.

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