John Metz & the Whinging 1%: Don’t Fuck with Us

We’ve been discussing the rich wingnut assholes who promised to Go Galt or retaliate against their employees or customers in some way if President Obama was reelected. The ranks of these entitled pricks include Papa John (Romney bundler and maker of crappy pizza), that asshole coal company owner (who first forced his miners to appear at a Romney rally and then laid off a bunch of them after the election in a fit of pique), and the Florida timeshare mogul and personal palace builder who plagiarized a threatening anti-Obama chain letter and then failed to follow through on his mass layoff threat (so far).

But this John Metz character is arguably the biggest asshole of all because he’s leveling his fire at the most powerless employees in his personal fiefdom: servers at his Florida Dairy Queen, Denny’s and Hurricane Bar & Grill restaurants. Via Gawker by way of HuffPo:

John Metz said he will add a 5 percent surcharge to customers’ bills to offset what he said are the increased costs of Obamacare, along with reducing his employees’ hours.

“If I leave the prices the same, but say on the menu that there is a 5 percent surcharge for Obamacare, customers have two choices. They can either pay it and tip 15 or 20 percent, or if they really feel so inclined, they can reduce the amount of tip they give to the server, who is the primary beneficiary of Obamacare,” Metz told The Huffington Post.

Metz had plenty of choices if he wanted to express his displeasure with KenyanSocialistCare. He could have gone the Papa John route and announced in a huff that he would be raising prices on his crappy food. He could have threatened to lay people off but punked out after the election like the dodgy timeshare guy or actually followed through on the threat like the coal company asshole. But what Metz has done is perhaps even more despicable: He’s encouraging customers to lower the income of people who are probably already barely scraping by. What a dick!

Here’s the thing, though: While servers might seemingly have little power compared to muckety-mucks in the food service industry, they are frequently in control of the actual food, at least for brief periods of time. I used to be a server back in the day. I’m not proud of it, but I confess I horked a loogie on a plate or two. Always under extreme provocation, mind you.

I had server friends who did even worse. One young waiter of my acquaintance expressed his displeasure with a particularly irksome customer by removing her prime rib from the plate with a fork and dragging it around the rim of the horrendously dirty employee toilet while we, his coworkers, laughed and hooted. Then he placed it back on the plate next to the baked potato and sprig of parsley and served it.

I’m not saying this is right or proper. It’s just the way it is. The “powerless” find ways to strike back. I don’t know whether or not Metz eats at his own restaurants, but he might get more than Moons over his Hammy next time he’s at Denny’s. And it wouldn’t surprise me if wait staff at more upscale joints decided to shake a few drops in Metz’s bisque in solidarity should he seek sustenance elsewhere. It’s just a bad idea to fuck with servers.

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LOL, should have had a Trigger Warning for those of us who are slurping up cereal and yogurt as we read!

But yeah, the restaurant customer disses the hard working servers at his/her own peril.

It’s just a bad idea to fuck with servers.

...and this concludes the Master’s class in not biting the hand that feeds you.

Yeah, on balance, I’d rather not be cooked for and served by folks who’re disease-ridden, but that’s socialism for you.

Also. TMI!

Rule number one- always treat the people who are handling your food as if they were handling your food.

I know work is hard to come by, but a massive walk-out at this asshole’s establishments would be awesome.

My food service experience was limited to working at the local deli, as a counterperson, I didn’t really have any provocations.  Then again, my regular customers were pretty awesome.

I find it abhorrent that people who own restaurants and otherwise represent food service don’t find a benefit in HEALTHY employees. When hubs worked Red Lobster, if you were sick for 3 days, you couldn’t come back to work until your proved it, so, since most employees couldn’t afford even their crappy health care, they went to work sick.

Yea, I want sick people around my food. Morons.

Irvine Welsh devoted an entire chapter of Trainspotting to a vengeful waitress. Suffice it to say that I’ve never looked at tomato soup quite the same way since.

Not just the servers. I’ve heard more than one story from cooks who were willing to mess w/ the food on the say-so of the waitstaff.

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