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No, this doesn’t make me happy. The thing I’ve liked about Obama is that he’s been able to effectively communicate why conventional political “wisdom” and/or pandering is just plain wrong (see: gas tax holiday horseshit), so I’m a little baffled as to why he’s taking this FISA chicanery so far. It’s just not the far left loonies (read: me) who will be upset about his decision, there are plenty of moderates, independents and Republicans who are leaning toward voting for him and value the 4th amendment who won’t be pleased about it either.  I never thought he was going to be perfect and I’ve certainly never elevated him up to “Messiah” status (quite frankly, I’ve seen very few people who have), but this one’s getting under my skin a bit.

That said, please don’t assume I’ve got buyer’s remorse or anything.  Hillary was tacking far to the right during the goddamn Democratic primaries, so fuck yourself right off a cliff if you think I’m stumbling around my apartment in a daze muttering, “What have I done?” I’m fairly certain that even my favorite senator Bernie Sanders would let me down from time to time as president if, you know, hell ever froze over and he got the nod.  In fact, there’s only one person who I would ever agree with all of the time in the role: me. But I don’t think any of you would be happy when I picked Susie Fogelson to be my secretary of state.*

* That’s a joke. Settle down. Clearly I’d pick Trale Lewous.

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My sentiments exactly. As a mick meself, I’ve been thrilled that we are having an all-Irish election: McCain v. O’Bama—but if Mr. O doesn’t get aligned with the Constitution, I’m going to ask him to please take me off his mailing list.*

*(Not really, but don’t let him know that.)

Hear hear! Of course Obama is going to disappoint us—he’s a politician. For sure we fringe-left loonies won’t be happy with many of his decisions. That said, I trust Obama’s political instincts; after all, he defeated the machine candidate, and no one is supposed to defeat the machine. I still believe his governing instincts will be moored to the left more than that of the DLC douchebags the Dems have featured with such depressing regularlity. Such is the price of game-changing.

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