Just LIke Bush Except For The Closing Gitmo Thing And The Listening Thing And That Other Thing

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MEDEAMEDEAMEDEA! You are so vocal and full-throated, that even the guy at the podium has to admire you, even though you want him to close Gitmo and he—uh, wants to close Gitmo. And now he says it’s important to pay attention to you, so congratulations, conveniently formerly Susan B, inconveniently non-all-powerful Barry O has just endorsed you! You are now tainted, co-opted meat. I’m sure it was his diabolical plan all along.

In other news besides Medea Benjamin, the Guardian live blog, as usual, has a wonderfully succinct rundown of the President’s speech today. Perfect for Dana Perino-length attention spans!

Oh yes, nearly forgot: the President announced that he’d work with Congress to repeal the AUMF and end the perpetual War On Terror. Whew! Almost missed it!

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Damn, Dana is a dumbass.

Oh yes, nearly forgot: the President announced that he’d work with Congress to repeal the AUMF and end the perpetual War On Terror.

The current Congress will never go for it- giving the president a P.R. victory and robbing the Military Industrial Complex of its spoils?  Nah.. gah… happen!!!

I caught a bit of the speech at lunch yesterday; I was quite pleased to hear the idea that a country can’t survive in a perpetual state of war.  I’ll bet that made Dubya choke on his pretzel.

I’m sure that the vast group of “one true liberals” that thinks evil Barry O’Hitler is the same or worse than Bush and/or Romney will continue to think that, because clearly Barry didn’t use the proper emPHAsis when he talked about shutting down gitmo and ending the GWOT. 

Or something. 

I mean obviously he couldn’t really mean any of it.

OBS, talk is cheap.

Maintaining a purity so complete that one will never experience holding the reins of Power is the only way not to betray the Movement.

@Mrs. P: I am giggling so hard at this.  Way to machinegun your own purity pony, Medea, you dumbass.

So ... on Democracy Now! Medea Benjamin was the main guest.

She says, “I didn’t do it to embarrass the president.”

Honey, that is not what worries people

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