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Kinda related to Kevin’s “Cruel and Unusual” post below – I followed the link to Flowbee’s Fortress of Fucknuttery and was amused to find an “official statement” from Just Say No Brains, which read, in part:

“While we appreciate the Obama Campaign’s hospitality, on behalf of furthering US international relations, offering free bratwurst, pizza and even beer for three hours during the free rock concert, we question whether or not the monies might have been better spent here on financially strapped US citizens….

As opposed to the $10 millllllllllion the PUMA goons supposedly raised in July to pay off a multi-millionaire’s campaign debt (money Senator Clinton’s own people believe is a figment of the PUMA’s unhinged imaginations). There couldn’t possibly be a better use for that money – well, maybe they could use it to refurbish Bower’s sofa or something. There’s probably enough for that. More from Just Say No Brains:

“Furthermore the Just Say No Deal Coalition identifies this pattern as deceptive to media consumers. Similarly, back on May 20, 2008 in Portland, Oregon, the critically acclaimed local band Decemberists performed a rare free concert prior to Senator Obama’s appearance (note: there are no reports of free refreshments being served during this appearance).

While news stories generated by both appearances focused on the enormity of the crowd size, few reports mentioned the accompanying perks, leaving some to question whether revelers are showing up for Senator Obama or for free food and entertainment.

Without this additional information, Just Say No Deal contends that Americans are being misled about the presumptive Democratic nominee’s true popularity.”

Whereas Just Say No Brains’ Mr. Bower isn’t misleading anyone by claiming that his gaggle of sore losers and low-traffic blogs comprise 2.5 million people and 250 sites – with no credible evidence whatsoever to support that claim.

Look, John McCain probably warms up the crowd at the senior center’s all purpose room with free barbershop quartet performances prior to his crappy “town hall” meetings. You can’t ask people to sit around for hours looking at a blank stage – there were speakers or entertainment of some sort at every large public event I’ve ever attended in my entire life. I guess the PUMAs don’t get out enough to know that.

As for enticing people with free refreshments, if Bower and his handful of PUMA psychos staged a nearby rally that was preceded by the dispensing of free quality beer and pizza, I might show up for the suds and pie, but I’d definitely drift off once the PUMA whinging commenced – that or lead the crowd in a repudiation of the stupefying nonsense Bower and Co. would spew.

This doesn’t happen at Obama rallies. The crowd sticks around to hear the senator speak, and the enthusiasm is obvious to anyone who isn’t a gibbering PUMA nutbag. Hell, PUMA can’t even muster more than a handful of crackpots (or a lone loon!) to offer a counter demonstration at Obama or DNC events, so this is clearly a losing line of attack for them. I hope they keep it up.

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I loved Bower’s response to Christina calling him on the 250 PUMA site count:

And, so you know, the number of sites at Just Say NO DEAL has been in a flux for awhile now. Many of these sites have consolidated in recent weeks. Just for you, however, I’ll be happy to say “187 sites” in a future interview.

Anyone want to take bets on that one?

187 is a quite specific number.  You’d think he’d be able to furnish a list of said sites.  You’d think…

Look, John McCain probably warms up the crowd at the senior center’s all purpose room with free barbershop quartet performances prior to his crappy “town hall” meetings.

Worse. Much worse.

Slightly off topic,

For some time now, whenever i get into political arguments with my ex, rightwing roots reggae listening roommate from Austin.  I always seem to stump him with this question, does anyone know or can answer it i would be at ease…though I think I know the answer.

Has a right-winger, or Conservative EVER invented anything?

I’ve tried looking this up in inventors books, but from what I can tell they haven’t invented a thing slightly redeemable.

Beats me, Manamongst. They seem to make singularly lousy comedians, actors and musicians too.

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