Karl Rove Picks The Seven Most Powerful Conservatives!

Karl Rove made a very short list for Forbes “because conservatives are distrustful of concentrated power, it is awkward to select just seven Washington power players.” Ha! Yes, that is the reason why! I believe! His selections are, in order, Mitch McChinless, The Joyless Oompa Loompa, Six Letters is Enough, A Pair of Tweezers, The Man Who Wants Children To Die, Some Guy With A Big Squishy Face I’ve Never Heard Of, and Mr. Bean. No Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin or Rush Limbaugh, because that just isn’t true.

The end.

Posted by Kevin K. on 11/11/09 at 11:41 PM • Permalink

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Unless I missed one, these are all white men, yes? I’m surprised Rove didn’t mention Tom Sowell. Just to, you know, keep up appearances…

Wow, that’s some epic desperation writing there…

And Kyl provides intellectual heft?  Geez, how lightweight a chamber is the Senate, anyway?

I object. There are only seven white men listed among the most powerful seven!

If I could focus enough not to vomit at the sight of Karl’s face I would reach down his throat and pull out his innards.

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