Lady Lynn Putain de Ronguers


Oh, you thought that just because co-blogger Gil Mann brilliantly exposed Lady Lynn’s cheeky attempt to employ William Butler Yeats as an “edginess” condiment in the latest revenge soufflĂ© she’s whipped up in response to being denied an ambassadorship in a Hillary Clinton Administration, we were, like, done with that subject?

You thought just because the great TBogg weighed in, noting that Lady Lynn was “sensing revolution in the air and wary that a ride in tumbrel might make her ass look big,” there was nothing new to add?

Well, you’re right: Gil and TBogg thoroughly covered both the literary pretentiousness and ratfucking angles. But as I had already Photoshopped an illustration for a post that would have been weak sauce compared to their efforts—before pecuniary considerations compelled me to shelve the project (thus sparing me the indignity of suffering by comparison)—I will instead use this image to draw your attention to Gil and TBogg’s superior products on the topic. And to provide an open thread. You’re welcome.

Posted by Betty Cracker on 12/07/11 at 07:52 AM • Permalink

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I was born in the year of the rat, so that image instills an extra level of terror in me.

Here, have some adorable baby weasels as a chaser. Just don’t tell Her about them.

And on re-reading (now that my eyes function again), I see that you have shelved your post. Unshelve it! Unshelve it, I beseech you!

Comment by Comrade Mary on 12/07/11 at 11:38 AM

@ Comrade Mary—Oh dear god, those weasels are the cutest little things I’ve ever seen! Henceforth, I will cease using “weasel” as a pejorative.

Regarding my shelved post, for some reason, I usually think about the illustration first, so I never got around to actually writing it. But trust me, what Gil and TBogg said was way funnier than anything I would have dreamed up, so no great loss.

Weasel weasel weasel!  Sooooo cute!  Much cuter than the human weasel that is La Lynn de Douchebaggery.

Yeah, y’know, me’n TBogg, TBogg n’me, just a coupla heavy-hittin’, A-listin’ luminaries of the blogosphere doin’ our thang, no big whoop.

(thanks, Betty, for this and for the warm welcome in general)

I teach a course on reviewing the arts and one of my students for a final project just presented a great little meditation on the role of rats in cinema—Willard to Ratatouille. All of them are more interesting than anything that’s dribbled out of the piehole of Lady Humpsalot For-Bling.

Them ratties will find they beautimous rat fuckers, yes they will!

And since this is an open thread, I got off the phone with Mrs. Polly just a bit ago (who is back in Pittsburgh keeping an eye on our Strange).  She reports that he’s continuing to improve.  He’s out of the step-down unit (which is a transitional phase) and into a regular hospital room.  Talking quite a bit and cognition is pretty good. Still very tired and sleeping a lot.  Getting some physical therapy and speech therapy most days.  Next step is a skilled nursing unit to keep his progress going until he’s ready for real rehab. 

Still got a long road ahead but way improved from a month ago when he was clinging to life. We just have to be thankful for the small steps - I don’t doubt that they’ll get bigger and bigger as time goes on.

Mar, thanks for the update.  Everyday I see Strange’s photo and wonder how he is doing, then send some white light his way.

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