Late Night Culture Wars

Another gift from Free Republic:

Posted by StrangeAppar8us on 01/15/11 at 01:36 AM • Permalink

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They both get in some good chops, but

Governor of Alaska? That’s like the principal of a home school

is a great line.

Good Sarah Palin, too—even if she’s insufficiently vulgar.

With the most dysfunctional family
Since the Jackson fucking Five

Love it!

And the Jackson Five could dance!

Two cultural phenomenons I don’t appreciate at all.  And yet, like a trainwreck, I could not look away.

Lady Gaga by a TKO! Whatever I do, I cannot share this with my 12-year-old. Bad mum! Bad mum for even thinking that!

OMG, THANK YOU, Strange. You made my morning.

So what do you think, people, instead of the candidates debating each other, they have to participate in a sing off? Best rap wins?

@Betty, I am with you, on both counts. However, on the latter point, I’m guessing our girls have heard much worse.

Fucking hilarious!  I checked out their other ones too - good stuff (Darth Vader vs. Hitler is the best!).  Already forwarded them on to tons of folks.


G, the “making of” video for this clip is also pretty funny.

G, the “making of” video for this clip is also pretty funny.

Woah!  Didn’t know that was out there.  Thanks for the tip, Strange!  I’ll definitely check it out.

G, it’s here.

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