Leslie Nielsen 1926-2010

First the WikiLeaks core dump, now this. The world is getting scads less funny by the minute.

[UPDATE]: Might as well include the “Hospital Scene,” just for the added pleasure of John Houseman…and watching OJ get smacked around in the ICU. It’s below the fold:

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Well, you succeeded in making me laugh my ass off, and now I can’t seem to find it.

Leslie Nielsen was one funny fucking man.  Airplane was genius, and it ranks with Blazing Saddles in my pantheon of really funny movies.  The acid helped, of course.

His family lost one of its limbs, and we’re out one more of the increasingly fewer comic relievers.

That sucks. I will always think of him when someone begins a conversation with the word “Surely….”

And now, a scene from “Men with Brooms”, where Leslie Nielsen’s character agrees to coach his son’s team (warning, may NOT be work safe)


Whether it was drama or deadpan, slapstick comedy - he was a joy to behold onscreen.  Truly one of my favorites….he will be missed, but his body of work will live on to entertain forever.  RIP.

Have you seen this on HuffPo? Funny stuff.

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