Let’s all not listen to Dick Cheney, m’kay?

The Prince of Darkness, Dick Cheney, has been throwing shade again, and I was kind of going to go into why what he’s saying doesn’t even make sense or go into how getting bin Laden probably couldn’t even be kept a secret and any intelligence gathered would have an expiration date and he’s just jealous anyway, but look. Let’s just get this out of the way—his relevance is as a historical figure, a member of the administration that blew off the intelligence that bin Laden was poised to strike on American soil and embraced bad intelligence about WMD’s in Iraq. He is respected by connoisseurs of a very particular art in politics because of how good he used to be. But let’s look at how he plies his particular forte these days:

He lies about whether he has fished with Senator Mike Enzi, because his darling little girl and fifth deferment wants the man’s job. Did the senator think they were any kind of friends? Huh. Well. Henry Whittington was a friend of Dick Cheney’s, too.

Now, maybe the former Vice President simply forgot whether he was part of a fly-fishing tournament with Enzi, because it’s not like angling is such a great passion of his (maybe compared to shooting little birds by the barrelful it isn’t), and besides, the man can forget a thing or two, can’t he? Like how often he might have met former Senator John Edwards when he dissembled about that during the 2004 campaign. No, it’s not quite as bad as the way he had repeated lies about, say, Saddam Hussein and yellowcake uranium, or the non-existent Mohammed Atta-Iraq connection. It’s a sign, however, of how petty he’s willing to be.

To the extent he acts trifling—he is trifling.  He has managed to, in his retiring years, become the EF Hutton of bullshit, and I can’t imagine why anyone listens anymore.

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Posted by Vixen Strangely on 10/27/13 at 01:45 PM • Permalink

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Dick Cheney has based his entire career out of being a liar, a lazy fuck, & a minimalist politician only interested in the trappings of political power. A man, & I use the term loosely, who only sponsored 11 pieces of legislation during his entire career (again, loosely) in Congress, he was completely wrong about Soviet power projections back in the 70s, totally full of shit when it came to terrorism, & completely utterly, & absolutely wrong, wrong, wrong when it came to Saddam Hussein. There should be a referential picture of him in the definition of wrong, just to illustrate the concept. Wrong: See Dick Cheney

I despise him almost as much as Ronald Reagan, with the blazing fury of ten thousand stars in the middle of their Main Sequence. He is the biggest piece of shit in the known universe.

I’ll be setting up a beer bus tour for when he finally goes down below in his hostile bid to take over Ol’ Scratch’s job if Robert Novak hasn’t beaten him to the punch. I’ll be looking to sign up about a hundred people with 20 kegs to go & piss on his grave, so we’ll be bringing plenty of refreshments.

Comment by Stentor on 10/27/13 at 02:36 PM

Shoot—Stentor, you will start me on a roll if I get to thinking about how the whole Baby Bush Bund was a story about fucks failing upward. Condoleeza Rice’s speciality at history was supposedly Soviet studies, but she was useless at guessing how the fall would play out, and Bush, FWIW was clearly a bigger “Bubba” (there was this thing the old man said about Clinton and Gore, y’see, and whether Millie, his ol’ dog, knew more…) when it came to foreign policy than his daddy, but while he parlayed delaying the end of the ill-advised Iraq War into a second term (with advice from Kissinger and consent of far too many dumb people to count), no one especially took in just how specious his entire first term was, from his giveaway to wealthy in the form of tax cuts, and so on, and so on, from the SCOTUS coronation to the reliance on scaring “security moms” with the spectre of further terror. Rumsfeld and Poindexter and Negroponte—such a cast of castoffs! I just never understood how human horrorshows always ended up with second chances in repeated Republican Administrations. I’s been about who you know, and where the bodies are buried, I guess. But ol’ Dick has forgotten he even knew those bodies when they were alive.  So I say they might as well screw him and his parrot progeny.

I’m certainly going to enjoy watching Deferment #5 lose to Senator Enzi.  Of course I’d rather see a dem win, but forget it, it’s Wyoming.

Vixen, you forgot about Paul Wolfowitz, John Bolton, Joshua Bolten, Alberto Gonzales, & the fucking stupidest guy on the face of the Earth himself.

Comment by Stentor on 10/28/13 at 12:39 AM

How can Cheney “throw shade” when he doesn’t cast a shadow?

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