LGBT Community Devastated Over Demise Of GOProud . . . NOT!!


Here I was, in my own little world, planning my June Wedding, and filling out the Guinness Book application for longest engagement—when the “devastating” news of GOProud‘s untimely demise broke.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Republican Party’s close brush with teh geyz, I’ll keep this as brief as possible . . .

The Log Cabin Republicans organized in California [where else?], in the late 1970s, to mobilize gay conservative influence against the likes of orange juice swilling homophobe Anita Bryant in Florida, and State Senator John Briggs who once tried to launch a California initiative to criminalize teaching while gay.  A notion that appalled even straight-up Ronnie Reagan.

In the meantime, the Republican Party slowly morphed into the mangy beast that it is today, shedding LGBT, minority, centrist and sane people of all persuasions, along the way.  By 2000, the remaining loyal Log Cabin Republicans were paddling along in a GOP backwater of irrelevance, expected to make no real waves.

Along came a couple of flash gay hipsters, Chris Barron and Jimmy LaSalvia, who broke from LCR and established GOProud in 2009.  Wow! big things gonna happen now . . .

Whatever their motivation, Barron and LaSalvia made a fairly embarrassing and undignified spectacle of what is already an oxymoronic notion:  The Gay Conservative.  Especially as “conservative” is defined in the Republican Party of 2014.  But one thing that LaSalvia and Barron had, which is respected by the GOP establishment, was a few deep-pocketed donors.  That, and an opinion that the Log Cabin Republicans had drifted just a little too far to the Left, which suited establishment types just fine.  Maybe this was some wonderful new species of gay lemmings?

As David Badash at The New Civil Rights Movement so economically put it:

GOProud co-founders Jimmy LaSalvia and Chris Barron‘s antics since they started GOProud were often vile, offensive, unprofessional, and did little to advance the cause of equality. They regularly lambasted the left, frequently calling Democratic, liberal, or progressive members of the LGBT community “the most intolerant.”

Up until January, 2013 GOProud had paradoxically opposed gay marriage.  In January that changed, then, in April, declaring their “mission accomplished,” Barron and LaSalvia cut GOProud loose, staying on only to serve on GOProud’s board.

In January, 2014, LaSalvia declared himself disgusted with the Republican Party’s bigotry and left the party.  No one really knows the exact moment when LaSalvia awoke from his coma and was struck by that blinding insight except to say that it was some time after hiring Ann Coulter and endorsing Michele Bachmann.


Now that LaSalvia [and his donors] have departed, there is no longer any more reason to pretend that the Republican Party has even the slightest intention of reaching out to gays, let alone putting GOProud on life support to attract a handful of eccentric gay voters.  GOProud is folding and the toothless, but better-behaved, Log Cabin Republicans are left to provide a well-patinated veneer of the “gay tolerance” of yesteryear to the GOP.

And, let’s be honest . . . Gay Conservatives?  Seriously??

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So, LaSalvia’s excuse is that he didn’t know how to use the Google before now? Or that he just learned how to read?  Because seriously, to not have realized the GOP was bigoted before this year is to be amazingly, remarkably, out of touch with reality.

I always had to look at the LCR as Chickens for Col. Sanders.  Or maybe Jews for Hitler.    It must take some serious blinders or self-loathing to remain attached to a group that thinks you’re a crime against nature and/or God.

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