Lights out…

...nobody home:

Lights Out for Liberty!

A Veteran’s Day Protest
Join us this Veteran’s Day,  November 11, 2009, at 11 PM Eastern Standard Time for 11 minutes of darkness all across America as we honor those who have fought to defend our country and preserve the Constitution.

10:45 PM,  EST : light your home, inside and out.
11:00 PM,  EST : turn off all your lights.
11:11 PM,  EST : turn lights on again, for at least 15 minutes

Send a simple, powerful message to Congress:  “Stop the radical expansion of the federal government. “

This just may be the dumbest form of protest in the history of mankind: sitting in the dark for 11 minutes and hoping your neighbors notice. How many of them do you think are going to use The Clapper?

[via the equally ludicrous M.O.M. for America™ (Millions of Moms) web site]

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This pales in comparison to “Leave Your Car In The Driveway For Liberty”.

Tom FTW!

I am SO going to turn on every damned light in my house.


Send a simple, powerful message to Congress:  “Your radical liberal policies are fucking up my switch timers.“

Eleven minutes with no lights on, wingnuts?  We might just assume your having a (for you) unusually prolonged shag.

Be ready for a sternly worded, and poorly spelled, letter if you leave your lights off for 12 minutes.

I can promise you that literally MILLIONS of homes will be dark at 11 PM on a weeknight.  Feel the power of the teabag!

I have a better idea.  If they really want to be noticed they should march out of their houses at 11 p.m. and light themselves on fire.

What should I do if I’m not home at 11PM?

Umm, wouldn’t it just be easier to attend a local ceremony and lay some wreaths at the graves of soldiers, sailors,, Marines past? Wouldn’t it? Wingnuts can’t take detailed directions like that, all the turning on and then turning off, they’ll get all confused and the neighbors will all wonder why the creepy people across the street keep turning their lights on and off as if it’s some sort of signal to the space ship about to appear from behind the dark side of the moon.

Equally idiotic:  their website features a pic of the Statue of Liberty, which holds a torch.  A torch.  You know, a thing that creates light.

The stupid doesn’t burn, it vaporizes.

What should I do if I’m not home at 11PM?
Comment by Ripley

Well, you goddamn commie, don’t you own a lighter? You can stand outside whatever gay-Marxist-death panel bar you’re patronizing and light your lighter for fredom and stand there for 15 minutes singing the Battle Hymn of the Republic.

Or, you soshulist bastard, you can carry your flashlight with you and do something similar to prove to the rest of the world how awesome America truly is.

Next week’s protest: Hold Your Breath For Liberty!!!!

funny that they felt the need to give credit to Microsoft Clip Art for the photo.  Couldn’t find anything on flickr?  What about this one?

I do own a lighter!  Whoa, whoa, wait a minute!  “Made in China”???  Damnit!

I suppose I could just walk into the nearest house at 11PM and turn someone else’s lights out.  “Trespassers for Justice!

I am dubbing all of these comments FULL OF WIN.

They’re stealing Armstice day?  That’s disrespecting our WWI vets!  If we have any left…

Update: They are now asking that, lest anyone think this is some sort of energy-conservation-themed DFH nonsense, you also turn on all of your indoor appliances during those 11 minutes.

Blenders, sewing machines and toaster ovens operating in total darkness.  What could go wrong?

L.O.L., indeed.

They should cover all their anti-DFH bases by cleaning their guns while the lights are out.

Oh, and put on an Orange Burqa while you’re huddled in your darkened house, as a sign of PUMA solidarity in the fight against Sucky Islam.

Wait, I haz a confused.  Is the 11 minutes or darkness to honor the troops or to stop the radical expansion of the federal government?  It was the Bush administration that radically expanded the federal government and expanded two wars without putting the cost in the budget.

I guess I’ll never get teabagging logic.

I guess I’ll never get teabagging logic.

Have someone hit you over the head with a sledgehammer and it’ll make perfect sense.

I guess you could say it would be Lights Out for you and Liberty.

The teabaggers will have to set their alarms to get up at 11 pm.  Hope their socialist security payments will cover their utility bills.

This year, we’ll turn out the lights.
Next year, we’ll vote out the 111th Congress.

I’m sure they’ll all pat themselves on the back once the shiny new 112th Congress convenes in Jan. 2011.  Y’know, just as the Constitution mandates.

I am reading this and literally tee-heeing like a girl. Oh wait, I am a girl (despite Humboldt’s Amazonian fantasies…)

Yeah, I would think “Veterans Day” could be better honored by writing a check to a veterans’ organization, or calling up any vets you know and seeing if you could do them a solid, like rake leaves, run to the store, etc.

Although “Hold Your Breath for Liberty Day” is sounding fun.

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