Listen Up, Poors!  Feed Your Souls!


(h/t Big Bad Bald Bastard - what a swell idea!)

OK Poors, maybe you can’t afford to go to CPAC to feel the love, in person, and learn all of the great ways Conservatives can change your lives but that’s where Rump Roast can help by reporting the Good News (wouldn’t a nice hunk of rump roast taste really good right now?). 

Fahgeddaboudit! Poors.  Feed Your Souls, you silly moochers.  So what if your parents are welfare-sucking meth heads who haven’t gotten dressed since 2006 and who are too busy feeding their heads to put apples in brown bags for you?  Stay hungry!

Jesus and the GOP love you.  And Paul Ryan has spent a lot of time and taxpayer dollars flying from swing state to swing state to investigate your plight and he now has a shitload of Poor Ideas!

P.S.  Remember Poors, it’s not the policies that suck, it’s the word choice.


And for even more #RyanFail please visit yr Wonkette.

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If you could just fit the word senator in where it says sister in that same font it would be perfect.

Paul Ryan is really taking the concept of a mean mo-fo to new heights.  Apparently what he got out of his Observing the Poors Tour is that the way to help low income people is to ruthlessly shame them.  If you take advantage of free or reduced lunch programs for your kids you’re an uncaring parent.  And if you accept food stamps and other governmental assistance you have an empty soul. (Maybe collecting social security while he went to high school was what cleaned out his own soul because I’m pretty sure there’s nothing in there but echoes.)  As I said in that last thread, he is just a terrible, terrible person.

I thought he was a front-row Catholic, but what I’m picking up is a really nasty strain of Calvinism.

Combining his shame the poor approach with the usual rethuglican dog whistle bigotry is a winner with the base though, who are just sure that the only people using public assistance are melanin-enhanced and/or non-citizens.

How did I miss this?  It’s beautiful!!!

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