Breitbart Lies Again; In Other News, Sun Rises In East, Ocean Has Tides

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Oh, it’s not just that it’s the same old tune: dum de dum de LIBERAL dum de dum BIG OUTRAGE dum de dum VIDEO dum de really dum LIBERAL FIREDforced to resign de dum REAL VIDEO FOUND de dum de OUT OF CONTEXT EDITING.  It’s not even that the video of the “Union Thug + Liberal Professor Instilling Hatred & Violence” has clips not only shortened, but out of sequence, making the professor and her Union guest seem to be advocating what they’re actually cautioning against: the use of violence to achieve union objectives. Or that the hit-piece naturally results in the blameless college professor receiving death threats from Breitbart’s brain-dead believers.

But isn’t it about time that organizations stopped panic-firing their staff when the Little Big Liar and his minions target them, and started viewing Breitbart’s attention as an obvious recognition of merit, in fact a job recommendation to be included with pride in any C.V.? What better character reference could exist than to have been so conscientous as to be worthy of a smear piece with the discredited huckster’s imprimatur?

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Like his protégé  O’Keefe, Breitbart’s methods are so demonstrably more criminal than the “offenses” he claims to expose that I daresay he out-Sherrods Sherrod at every turn.

Thank you very much, you’ve been wonderful.

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