Live Blogging the Presidential Debate Here!! At Rumproast!!  Tonight!!  Tune in Y’all!!

Live coverage will begin around 8:30 ET.  For those feeling a leetle skittish about Mittbot’s seeeming surge of late, let the Big Dawg explain the flawed math behind Romney’s great tax plan and soothe your nerves a little:

Still have questions?  John Cole has found a valuable source of information regarding the specifics of Romney’s plan right here.  Heh.

Drink if you must (and I’m not sure who mustn’t), grab some popcorn and a cushy seat and tune in later this evening for some Roastie comaraderie.

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The liveblog post will be up at 8:45 EST. Already, CNN is greedily covering the spin room as if it were the red carpet at the Oscars. Look, it’s Governor Cuomo in a Brioni!

Breathless reports coming in that Romney’s been practicing sitting on a bar stool all afternoon, and Mrs. Mitt is wearing shocking pink.

Waiting for confirmation whether it’s a pantsuit, but ALERT THE PUMAs ANYWAY!

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