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FYI, my lovely wife Chris met Flea and his young daughter when they came to the apartment of the semi-famous hipster artist she used to work for.  She said he was really nice and his daughter was adorable, although she was somewhat uncomfortable that he was walking around with only a tube sock covering his genitals.

Okay, the last part isn’t true.

I love Flea. There are a lot of people who can’t stand RHCP but I really like them, via my kids. On their last album, there’s a song called Death of a Martian. It’s about Flea’s dog that had died during the recording of the album. It is an incredibly sweet and sad song. Hear it here (listen the first three minutes to get the full misty-eyed effect.) Anthony sings it, but you just know Flea has a heart the size on Montana. Make Chris listen to it and tell me her reaction, since she’s met the man! :) You too, he-man, former bouncer.

Ah fucking cool ... here’s Anthony and Flea talking about Martian and her song.

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