Liz Cheney’s Own Private Wyoming


Liz Cheney, 2012 poster child for Obama Derangement Syndrome, has poked her head up out of Jackson Hole to announce that, while unpacking her carpet bag, she discovered a vocation to represent the good people of her new home, Wyoming, in the US Senate.

It isn’t that La Liz thinks that three-term incumbent Republican senator Mike Enzi has done a particularly “bad” job, per se, it’s just that she knows that, as Liz Cheney, recipient of the Cheney Political Genome, she could do ever so much better in every way.  Plus, she’d be able to spend most of her time in her real-life home, Virginia.

Besides, Enzi should understand, she’s not really running against him, at least “in her own private Wyoming,” Cheney is running against Obama - a losing battle if ever there was one but, here’s the proof:

Did you hear one word about Enzi?

When asked why Wyoming voters should oust the reliably conservative Enzi for an unproven rookie, Cheney opined that seniority is over-rated.

I think that part of the problem in Washington today is seniority. I think it’s time for a new generation, for a new generation to come to the fore. I don’t see seniority as a plus, frankly.

Good thing, because the forty-seven year-old mother of five (aka the un-gay Cheney daughter) has never stuck with any career long enough to establish anything approaching seniority.  Her closest brushes with governmental service had to do with short stints in Uncle Dubya’s State Department serving as custodian of Dad’s Near East holdings Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, a post with an economic portfolio and a mandate to promote investment in the region (ahem).  Bookends to her activities on Dad’s re-election campaign.

Moving on, La Liz served as one of three national co-chairs for Fred Thompson’s 2008 presidential campaign.  When Thompson crashed and burned, Cheney moved on to the Romney campaign where she served as a senior foreign policy advisor (not exactly a Romney campaign or Liz Cheney strong suit—see: Czechoslovakia).

Moving on from that train wreck, Cheney got together with Bill Kristol to create the Keep America Safe PAC from which Cheney launched her disastrous ad attack on her own legal profession (which she clearly misunderstands) when she questioned the loyalty of DoJ attorneys responsible for representing Guantanamo detainees.  La Liz dubbed the US Attorneys “the Al Qaeda Seven,” questioning their integrity for doing their job.

That move earned Cheney the stunned outrage of both parties in Washington, to include a stout conservative backlash, followed by official derision and professional castigation from what one reporter described as a “‘Who’s Who’ of officials who worked on counterterrorism policies under President Bush.  Their letter of protest also included the signatures of former solicitor general Kenneth Starr, as well as two key proponents of George W. Bush’s terror policies, David Rivkin and Lee Casey.

Followed, of course, by a stint at Fox News . . .

So what exactly are Liz Cheney’s qualifications to serve as a US Senator? what is the “substance” she promises to bring to high office? a “damn the torpedoes” tendency to go off half-cocked with precious little information? a street brawler’s sense of fair play? a grandiose sense of entitlement? a proclivity for arguments so weak, breathless and bitter that they are laughably absurd? a melodramatic disrespect for her ideological opponents? a lengthy record of bad judgments, political mis-steps and over-reach that call her intelligence, character and values into question?

It doesn’t matter.  I’m all for any delusion that leads La Liz to believe that this career-killing move is a great one thus rendering the Cheney political dynasty defunct.

As Rep. Cynthia Lummis (R-WY) said:

She will outraise him by factors of 10 or more, and he will still win because Wyoming is grassroots, retail campaigning.

Here’s hoping that Rep. Lummis, who knows a whale of a lot more than La Liz about Wyoming, is right, because the absolute last thing that our ailing Congress needs right now is a wingnutty battleax to add to the collection.  We, and Wyoming, deserve better.

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Oh, but didn’t you hear?  Mike Enzi worked with Ted Kennedy once on legislation and therefore he is seriously damaged goods and MUST BE PRIMARIED!!

No idea what La Cheney said in that video - I couldn’t listen to more than about 10 seconds of it.

she discovered a vocation to represent the good people of her new home, Wyoming, in the US Senate

The multigenerational grift must go on.

No idea what La Cheney said in that video - I couldn’t listen to more than about 10 seconds of it.

Oh and Mar it went on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on . . . woman’s a bigger dick than her dad

Interesting, isn’t it, that no-one ever seems to ask about Mr. Liz Cheney. 

You’d be excused for thinking that the only man in Liz’s life is Pop, certainly the only man on her Facebook page among the pics of her blonder-than-yours children.  But no, the progenitor of this spawn lives in DC, is a lawyer and probably doesn’t pose for photos with the kids ridin’ and shootin’ under those vast Wyoming skies because that would mean actually leaving his table at Bourbon Steak, coming out west and possibly getting his shoes dirty. 

Unfortunately Mr. Liz’s last name is not Cheney, it’s Perry or something, some name that no-one has ever heard of, so you can see why Liz chooses not to call herself Liz Perry or Something or even Liz Cheney-Perry or Something, because would you?  If all you’ve got is your father’s name, wouldn’t you use it til you wear it out?

In the meantime Mr Cheney-Perry is doubtless hoping that this will all be over soon, he’ll never have to get near a horse and by the way, Liz, the kids’ school starts in September so you only have 6 weeks more to pretend that you’re natives.

In the meantime Mr Cheney-Perry is doubtless hoping that this will all be over soon . . .

How much you wanna bet that Mr CHENEY(perry)is hoping the little missus gets so tied up in national politics she forgets which state she lives in?

Phillip Perry is no slouch—I think—he worked as general counsel for Homeland Security and advised regarding, I think it was securing chemical plants in case of national emergency, technology law issues like that (probably re: getting consent and cooperation from corps that can be spookier and more locked-down than the feds). This stuck in my head because I looked into the Cheney family a bit regarding government contracts when my reading started taking my down a Shock Doctrine/Drift kind of path. In his private career, he’s done work for Monsanto and Lockheed Martin. I know, so what, corporate law, yadda, yadda. But Monsanto (the Round-up folks) is a pretty ready bad guy if Rachel Carson left any kind of dent in your eco-consciousness, and Lockheed Martin is a big ole defense contractor.

I reckon he wouldn’t mind if he had a Senator in the home. It wouldn’t be bad for business.

As for the nattering nabob of nepotism herself, I think the biggest hurdle she’ll have isn’t whether she comes off as a native, but whether she comes off as not super cold and arrogant—she always struck me as a person truly unaware that if she wasn’t Dick Cheney’s daughter, she might be working in a diner in Casper or something.

she might be working in a diner in Casper or something.

You’ve got that one right. She strikes me as someone who’s been indoctrinated by her father & mother’s rhetoric from a very early age, & wasn’t really smart enough to figure it out, but just sort of swallowed it wholesale, because she didn’t study in school since she was, after all, Dick Cheney’s daughter. So she ended up believing that “Ugh, Republians/Conservatives good, Democrats/Liberals bad” (in my best Tarzan grunts). She doesn’t have the IQ points to figure these things out, so she just picks out bits & pieces of knowledge that she’s managed to retain, like someone faking it, & then, just wings it.

This is why she occasionally puts her foot into her mouth, about four-and-a-half inches above the ankle sometimes, & spouts something nonsensical that springs out of the gaps in her knowledge, which means it doesn’t make sense because she doesn’t have the full picture from which to make sense. But that requires dedication, & paying attention to a large number of facts, & poor ole Ms. Liz just doesn’t have the neurons for the task. I mean, we all have to give people the benefit of doubt, but sometimes when it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, & acts like a duck, it’s a duck

So, is she really forcing her spawn to go to school in Wyoming?  Oh well, I suppose Jackson Hole has enough rich bastids to have a passable private school.  Maybe.  I bet all 5 of them are righteously pissed about having to give up their upper crust VA private school existence. 

I’m looking forward to all the trauma her run is going to cause to the WY rethuglican party.  Ex-sen. Spector is nearly having fits as it is, and the real ugliness of campaign season hasn’t even started yet.

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