Look, There’s One! Uni-Tea Tweetpic Proves It!

Tea Partier Captures Rainbow Diversity!

The dazzling mosaic of colors! The enthusiasm! The pageantry! I really love the Palio, and hope to visit Italy someday and see it. Meantime, here’s this sad, sad first look, courtesy of a genuine We The Peeeepull, at Breitbart’s sad, sad agglomeration of overheated activists, hopes shriveled like a pitted prune in the sun. What’s Breitbart got to say on that thing of his? Or any of those things of his? Well, no Uni-Tea pictures are posted. Odd that a journalist of Breitbart’s caliber wouldn’t be able to throw up a few, just as a tease.

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Obviously people stayed away because the National Association for the Assault on Courageous Patriots hurt their feewings.

They were afraid a member of the NAACP, disguised as a non-angry negro, would infiltrate the gathering, stand athwart the stage and yell “RACIST!”

If the tea partiers had wanted to attract more AAs and people of color to their movement, they had a strange way of showing it with the signs and language that I’ve seen/heard at their rallies and town halls.  There are plenty of tea party folk here in GA.  I know they don’t care much for people with as much melanin as I have in my skin since I’m AA.  They also don’t care much for immigrants, undocumented immigrants, other “brown” people, gays, lesbians, Muslims, Arabs, Hindus, transgendered persons, bisexual persons, atheists, agnostics, Jewish persons, etc.  One thing I can say about them though, is that they’re equal opportunity haters, and I’ll have none of that.  The AA guy in the picture will be treated okay until he leaves, then they’ll say whatever they want to say to tear him down.

Seems like someone is trying to distance himself from Breitbart.  The August fundraiser in California for the RNC featuring Michael Steele and Breitbart has been cancelled for unknown reasons.

Odd that there are only two guys dressed in khakis and polo shirts, they appear to be together and one of them is THE black guy.

I hope everybody looks at the original twitpic, since the twit on the far right is resplendant in what looks like lovely grey sports socks, as if he were shuffling around the day room. The logo is obscuring some true Teabagger chic there.

I don’t think it was very nice of you to link to Big Gubment without more warning - now I’m gonna hafta bleach my laptop!

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