Looks Like Hillary Clinton Is Going to Run After All

I was one of maybe five people who didn’t think Hillary Clinton was going to run for president in 2016. Looks like I was wrong (via the NYT):

The largest liberal “super PAC” in the country has begun raising money to elect Hillary Rodham Clinton president, formally aligning itself with Mrs. Clinton’s undeclared presidential ambitions more than two years away from the election.

The group, Priorities USA Action, which played a pivotal role in helping re-elect President Obama, also named new directors to steer the organization, appointments that will both cement the group’s pro-Clinton tilt and thrust veterans of Mr. Obama’s political and fund-raising operation into the center of the post-Obama Democratic Party.

Derp. There’s no way dialed-in folks like Jim Messina, et al, are out there shaking high-dollar donors down on behalf of HRC if she’s not running. So she’s running.

I’m not sure how to feel about that. I’ll definitely vote for her if she wins the nomination, and considering that the Republicans will hork up some psycho who will pledge to slash the social safety net and roll back rights for women, gays and minorities to disguise the party’s machinations on behalf of the plutocrat class, I’ll not only vote for her, I’ll donate to her campaign and work my ass off locally to get her elected. 

But I’m far from convinced she’s the right candidate for all sorts of reasons. What do you guys think?

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I have my hesitations about her too but this time there’s no Barack Obama type out there to step up and give her a serious challenge.  If I had my druthers it’d be Elizabeth Warren but I’m pretty convinced she’s not planning to run.  At least not in 2016.

Also, too, Hillary is infinitely preferable to any of the mouth breathers the Rethugs will end up nominating.

I agree on both counts, Mar.

Right now, the rethugs have pretty much lost my vote, so unless there’s an independent with half a chance (which I doubt there is), I’ll be voting for her just to keep the crazies out of office.

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