Lying Marco Rubio Is a Lying Liar Who Tells Big Fat Lies

Via MaddowBlog: FL Senator Marco Rubio told a huge whopper on Twitter:


Rubio is marginally more intelligent than the average tea party loon, which is why, although he was happy to ride their Cap’n Crunch coattails to the US Senate, he is careful to keep them at arm’s length. That may come in handy for him.

Rubio’s party doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the deficit the tea party idiots are howling about; Rubio’s party wants to continue looting the US Treasury on behalf of Mitt Romney’s class. To do so, Rubio’s party needs to destroy Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and any other social program that implies by its existence that corporations and the plutocrats who run them have an obligation to the country.

Rubio doesn’t have a problem with his party’s objectives, but he does have an optics issue, in that he represents a state with a significant number of senior citizens who will be cheesed off if Rubio’s party—led by the tea party nuts—continues to champion cuts in social programs to ensure that Mitt Romney pays less than 14% a year in taxes on his investment income.

There’s no rational case Rubio can make to his constituents on why they should favor screwing themselves to shovel largess to multimillionaire dancing horse hobbyists. So Rubio will just try to bluff his way through this conundrum with big fat lies and hope it blows over before he’s up for reelection.

Will people be dumb enough to fall for that? Could be! This is Florida, after all. But there’s some evidence to suggest that there’s a limit to the stupid.

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Imagine my surprise when I awoke to learn that a Republican lied about something. Fortunately I had my nitro pills handy.

Oh, wait - those pills are only to be used when a Republican intentionally tells the truth about something.

(Plus, they’ll last a lot longer that way. Like to the end of recorded time.)

Keith Olbermann had a perfect description of Rubio a couple of years ago: “a teenager who has borrowed his father’s suit.”

Really, my hope is 2013 will be the year the GOP finally implodes under the weight of its idiots. Not holding my breath though.

I realize normal people are celebrating the Roman end of the world turning of the calendar from 2012 to 2013, but alas I am a political junkie and have been monitoring the nation’s slow ride over the FISKALL CLIFF!! 

It looks as though a deal has been struck although not yet voted on and already the emo-progs are shrieking about how Obummer has betrayed us all yet again.  May have to write this up in the a.m. or maybe just *yawn* about it - haven’t decided.

Rubio is marginally more intelligent than the average tea party loon

He has “Keep out of ass” tattooed on both thumbs.


Let me start off by saying Sen. Marco Rubio is a proven LIAR! Clint Eastwood was a embarrassment to the country and the Republican Tea Party! He clearly showed his age! Clint FORGOT that it was the Republican President that started two wars. It was the Republican President that started the Iraq war for NOTHING…It was the Republican control house that voted for failed policy that brought the country to a recession. De-regulation allowed American businesses to scam and cheat the American people! Wall Street had a field day with scandal against the American people! That was the Republican disaster!!!!!

At the Republican Convention Republican after Republican kept asking ARE YOU BETTER OFF THEN FOUR YEARS AGO! Romney’s personal real estate includes six homes: one in La Jolla, two in the Boston area, a ski lodge in Utah and two lakeside residences in New Hampshire.During President Obama Presidency Mitt Romney went from a 6 million dollar home to a 12 million dollar home…...So if he answer the question of ARE YOU BETTER OFF THEN FOUR YEARS AGO! Romney can say out loud ......HELL YEAH!!!!

Sen. Marco Rubio is a proven LIAR! Remember Rubio lied and told how his family escape Cuba. Which was a total LIE! This is the way Republican are campaigning LIE LIE LIE! Paul Ryan told several lies at the Republican Convention” ! Lies that most American knew were lie! Yet Romney and Ryan know that their base will believe the lies and never check if true! Just like most of the Republican base believe President Obama is Muslim! Even after Rev. Wright and the attack on his Christian church that Obama belong to over 20 years!

The Republican Party has a problem in this presidential election cycle - their candidate, Mitt Romney, is a Mormon private equity guy with Swiss bank accounts. His popularity poll numbers are lower than any other candidate in recent memory. So Republicans have to rely on tried and true campaign tactics that have worked so well for them ever since Ronald Reagan.

Basically, there are two primary initiatives:

1) Suppress the vote of African-Americans and other minorities and senior citizen with onerous new voter identification requirements and other restrictions. These are being implemented in the key “swing states” of Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

2) Tap into the latent racism and resentment of white working class voters who have been losing ground economically since 2000. This is happening through blatant lies about the Obama administration as well as through more subtle “whisper campaign” concerning Obama’s race, religion, birth status, etc.



Tyrone I like your style!

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