Mad Scientists of the Laboratories of Democracy: Stella Tremblay Edition


Meet Stella— amateur historian, Birther, Glenn Beck fan and Platinum subscriber to Alex Jones InfoWars.  Oh, yeah. and New Hampshire State representative.  Stella Tremblay’s world is riddled with Black Ops, Kenyan usurpers and conspiracies going back centuries but NO ONE WILL LISTEN!!1!  Just like no one, save a select few, ever listen to Glenn Beck.  But Stella Tremblay has had it and no one’s going to shut her up until she gets the media to investigate her leads.

In the midst of representing her constituents, sponsoring important legislation and generally doing her best to make New Hampshire better, Stella paused, like most of us last week, to ponder how something like the Boston Marathon bombing can happen.  Thanks to Glenn Beck and Alex Jones, Stella didn’t have to ponder for long, because Beck and Jones had all the answers.

Only Stella understands the subtle link between some obscure prescient Beck comment and the InfoWars video-link she provided to Beck, via FaceBook, that proves that Beck, Tremblay and Alex Jones are on to THEM.


The Jones video includes what he says are photos of off-duty Navy SEALS, with backpacks full of bombs, near the marathon finish line.  This theory, fits in with the rest of Jones’ ouevre, which includes “proof” that the Oklahoma City bombing and 9/11 were similar “false flag” operations and that former Atty. Gen. Janet Reno ordered the execution of the Branch Davidians in Waco, in 1993.

In a statement, yesterday, given to Foster’s Daily Democrat, Ms Tremblay revealed that she was only doing her job because a constituent had put her on to the evidence (ie, a link that, in turn, linked to InfoWars website).  But, having followed up, Tremblay is now convinced that there is evidence that the US government orchestrated the bombings.

It was one of my constituents that sent me an email, and it went to a site where ... I think it was a major retired marine was speaking, and then he said, ‘please go to Infowars,’ and they had pictures of, what is it, black ops? With black backpacks. They show them at the scene, so they knew something was going on ...

Why are you leaving it to some dumb representative to ask questions, when the reporters should be doing their job? Are you that blind that you’re not willing to ask questions of your government?

“Dumb representative” or not, Tremblay took it upon herself to post a link to a video hosted on YouTube, titled “PROOF! Boston Marathon Bombing is Staged Terror Attack.”

And, while she was on a roll, Tremblay also questioned why the FBI searched the home of a Saudi Arabian student after the bombing and then dropped the investigation after Secretary of State John Kerry met with the Saudi ambassador.

As is so often the case, this is not Rep. Stella Tremblay’s first trip to Loon Lake.  She seems doomed to uncover dark matter wherever she ventures.  As reported by John Celock of Huffington Post:

Last October, Tremblay sent an email to the other 399 state House members with a doctored video she claimed depicted President Barack Obama saying that he was not born in the United States. She said the video was sufficient proof to open an investigation into Obama’s citizenship.

In February, Tremblay told a legislative committee that former President Woodrow Wilson agreed with Adolf Hitler, even though Wilson died before Hitler rose to power.

Tremblay’s history advisor, David Johnson, told The Huffington Post in March that former President Abraham Lincoln deleted a constitutional amendment and dissolved the United States, while also not freeing the slaves. He also claimed that the U.S. government is under the control of Queen Elizabeth II.

Bottom Line?

New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director, Harrell Kirstein said in a prepared statement:

How long will it take Republican U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte, Senate Republican Leader Jeb Bradley, and House Republican Leader Gene Chandler to condemn Representative Tremblay’s vile and chilling comments?  “Tremblay’s post is further proof of what can only be called an epidemic of disgusting and shockingly inappropriate behavior by members of the New Hampshire Republican Party.

In response, House Minority Leader Gene Chandler wrote:

Tremblay’s comments are “highly offensive, egregious, and irrational.”

They are severely troubling and unbecoming of any public office holder or citizen of our great nation. I am ashamed that Rep. Tremblay saw fit to disseminate radical conspiracy theories online. She in no way represents the views of the caucus, the Republican party or the Granite State.

The New Hampshire Republican State Committee characterized Tremblay’s remarks as “bizarre.”

It is hard to believe that just days after the cowardly acts of terror took place in our backyard that Representative Tremblay would thoroughly discredit herself with her bizarre, embarrassing and unfounded comments. New Hampshire Republicans strongly reject her outlandish views and believe that anybody who holds such bizarre beliefs should not be taken seriously.

Not so fast there, New Hampshire Republicans . . . remember the old adage “if you lay down with dogs, you’re liable to get some fleas”?

Well, here’s another one:  If you build it [an asylum] . . . they will come.


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Well, she certainly has met and exceeded the “scare quote” requirements in her posts.

The New Hampshire House has 400 members? 

Fun Fact: If NH residents were represented by the ratio U.S. citizens are, the NH House would have 2 members.

So, apparently since NH has far too many state offices to fill, you get the occassional 100th monkey-loon in with all the rest of the citizen lawmakers?

The comments on this Buzzfeed article about the bomber’s mysterious “Misha” contact and his involvement with are a trip. 

What a strange, strange world these conspiracy theorists like Stella live in.

She is spot-on about this false flag, staged event, and you are just another brainwashed sheeple in denial.

Do some REAL research, why not?

She is spot-on about this false flag, staged event, and you are just another brainwashed sheeple in denial.

I’m sorry but when trolls just make me giggle I think maybe you’re doing it wrong!!

Do some REAL research, why not?

Does REAL research involve aluminum foil? or dental fillings? I have a ton of those . . .

“Terrorist” attacks by our own government?  Hey, Stella is part of the government… OMG, STELLA’S IN ON THE PLOT!!!

She is spot-on about this false flag, staged event, and you are just another brainwashed sheeple in denial.

Stella? Is that you?

She is spot-on about this false flag, staged event, and you are just another brainwashed sheeple in denial.

Now there’s a thought.

Just what is the singular of sheeple?

Just what is the singular of sheeple?


Just what is the singular of sheeple?


Raymond Reines? Study it out.

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