Mall Girls

Twice the books, none of the tomatoes.

Posted by StrangeAppar8us on 06/29/11 at 11:28 PM • Permalink

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Tuhmayder-adder… fucking honey badger, weaponized or not, doesn’t stand a chance.

Tuhmayder-adder. In Cleopatra’s time, it was called an “asp.”

“Gus Rosendale.” Hmmm. I wonder what his family name was before they lengthened it.

What the deuce?:

But there were no overwhelming crowds; all those who came got through the line during the two-hour event. The Palins signed about 700 books, but mall officials estimated that 1,500 people attended the event—some merely strolling by and stopping to gaze over the rotunda railing.

Come on, Strange, you know they lie, if it was 1,500 that means, like, 6,000 people were there and turned away but the media just won’t show the conflict, the violence, the raw footage.

Instead, they give us Justin Bieber’s gay cousin, you know, the one who was sent to Minnesota to be cured by Marcus.

Sorry, if you can’t pack a Food Court at a mall in Minnesota, you’re not the new Ronald Reagan.

Seriously outpulled by 2003 Hilz and the Rock. Ouchie. The fell tentacles of the LMS Sorosacorn reach through the time/space continuum!

Whew, glad for spellcheck. HilzRock 2016!

Does the finally mean we’re past 14 of the 15 minutes of fame.

Does the finally mean we’re past 14 of the 15 minutes of fame.

Two Palins no longer even packs the impact of one, so probably yeah.

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