Man-Handled (Open Thread)

Enterprise Florida, a public-private partnership that funds official state economic development initiatives, paid $380,000 for this logo:


Many lady Floridians are peeved about it since, aside from the period immediately following the release of the film Annie Hall in 1977, men’s neckties haven’t served as an inclusive symbol that encompasses both sexes.

The article linked above is all about the tie in the logo, but it also features this video publicized by the same outfit:

All the hands in the video appear to be attached to men, with the possible exception of the gloved hands, which look decidedly masculine, but who knows?

I can see how maybe one all-male piece of advertising collateral slipped under the radar (though a competent creative director should have caught it). But the all-male video too? Now it’s harder to see this as an honest mistake.

We Florida business ladies are being dissed! And did Enterprise Florida really pay $380,000 US dollars for that logo? (If so, I’d like to speak to them about some land I’m putting on the market, teeming with biodiversity and mere centimeters from the surface!)

This branding initiative was unveiled by Governor Voldemort, who slashed funding for the disabled and schools so he could attempt to zero out the corporate tax rate. Those tea-people really get financial stewardship.

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It’s looks like a Windsor knot (says he who hardly ever wears a tie) and it’s a fat tie too. Also, as you note, unashamedly sexist.  Can’t do the video at work but wouldn’t surprise me if the hands were all white too. Idiotic to say nothing about the fact that FL is rather hot and humid and so not really tie country, it would seem.

And did Enterprise Florida really pay $380,000 US dollars for that logo?

Pretty hefty price tag for a non-profit.  Looks like it’s mostly taxpayer dollars, too.  The “public” in this public-private entity is the Governor and the private is a measly $50K from about 20 corporations.

Smells like a Rick Scott shell-game to me . . . .

Jesus fucking Christ, I could use a little of that and I can work a computer someoadsfa;oji;o

Definitely all men because if you look underneath the tablets you can see their legs and feet all clad in man clothing.  Some of these people just seem to have missed the piece about being well into the 21st century now . . .

And when was the last time you saw an orange tie?  Isn’t that the “international distress” tie?

I don’t wear a tie. At this point, I don’t even own a tie.

I have no tie-dyed clothing, no tie-fighter, no tie in tic-tac-toe and I left the house today and did not tie my boots.

Tie goes to the runner.

And when was the last time you saw an orange tie?  Isn’t that the “international distress” tie?

They’re obviously trying to clamber aboard the Hillary 2016 bandwagon.

This is a perfect example of “stealthy” sexism and racism- the idea that white straight males are somehow the “default” setting of people.  A lot of white straight males do this subconsciously, and are genuinely shocked to be called out on it because they aren’t even aware that they are doing it and it is offensive. 

Recovery is not always an easy process, and even the best intentioned of us have to actively access our attitudes from time-to-time. Not that I trust Scott’s intentions…

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