Marauding Hens, Christmas Panic & Loser Stink

Our hens raided the container garden during their free-range jaunt yesterday:


I never participate in the garden threads because my husband does every bit of the gardening around here. I couldn’t even grow a Chia pet or keep an air fern alive.

Christmas Panic

Anne Laurie’s early morning open thread featured the image of commenter Hitchhiker’s lovely cat in front of a Christmas tree. But instead of going, “Awwwww,” I went, “Sweet mother of fuck! It’s almost Christmas, and I haven’t done a damn thing!”

My fake tree and all the decorations are still in the shed. I haven’t ordered the Christmas dinner prime rib yet. We haven’t even quite wrapped up our kitchen renovations (although it’s mostly done – we lack cabinet toe-kicks and the backsplash only at this point), and our dining room still sports a bare concrete slab as we haven’t gotten around to laying the tile. Oh, and I haven’t bought the first present yet.

Why? Well, the home renovations have become a convenient excuse for being slobs. Why bother dusting or sweeping when there’s 70s-era glue on the walls where we ripped out the old laminate backsplash and bare concrete underfoot? We’ve actually enjoyed the respite.

As for the lack of Christmas spirit, it just doesn’t seem Christmas-y yet, partly because it’s been so warm. I’m a native Floridian, so warm Decembers aren’t a foreign or unwelcome concept to me. But it does seem unusual to get this far towards the solstice without once having to put on a pair of socks or rifle the closet for a jacket. There have been a few flannel-shirt-over-the-tee-shirt days, but I haven’t had to bust out the woolies. Nonetheless, there is work to be done.

Romneys Spread Loser Stink

Speaking of indolent people, Mitt and Ann Romney are continuing their loser tour. Noted fans of “sport,” the Romneys took in the Pacquiao-Marquez boxing match last night:


I don’t follow boxing, but I think Pacquiao was favored to beat Marquez. That was before Romney visited Pacquiao in his dressing room, exuding a giant cloud of loser dust:

“Hello Manny. I ran for president. I lost,” Romney told the fighter, according to Pacquiao publicist Fred Sternburg.

Then this happened:


LAS VEGAS — Manny Pacquiao never saw it coming. He never saw the punch that snapped his head back Saturday and dropped him to the canvas and left him sprawled there momentarily, face down, while his wife sobbed uncontrollably and the packed crowd at MGM’s Grand Garden Arena rose to its feet in shock.

With that, a rivalry known for its lack of a definitive triumph suddenly had the most definitive ending of them all.

I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really hope Mitt and Ann Romney decide to pay the Notre Dame locker room a visit prior to the BCS title game.

Speaking of Losers

Remember the group One Million 51,700 [homophobic] Moms (OMM)? No? Me neither, but this spring, they failed spectacularly in a bid to get Ellen Degeneres fired as JC Penney spokesperson. After that effort flopped, OMM director Monica Cole announced that the breeder klatch was “moving on.”

But a JC Penney commercial featuring Ellen and several Christmas elves attracted their ire again last week.


It wasn’t that Ellen groped a female elf in the ad or anything. It’s just that everyone knows she’s a lesbian, and think of the chiiiiildren!

Because the commercial that occasioned the protest was so innocuous, onlookers found the OMM action confusing. (Pro tip: When you have to explain why you’re taking umbrage, you’re not successfully inciting it.) So OMM declared that the group is “moving on.” Again. Maybe someday they actually will.

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The Pacquiao knockout was stunningly brutal and it may be the punch that sends him to Phillipine politics full time.

Wow, the OMMs really are pathetic losers.  Ellen came out, like, what, 15 years ago or so?  And has continued to be hugely popular pretty much ever since.  So it’s really a winning strategery to try and get her fired because she’s gay which everyone knows anyway!

Also, too, if you want some Christmasyer weather there you can have some of ours - 23 degrees out at the moment.  Yuck.  Our tree is bought but not up.  Will be later today though.

Ellen came out in 1997.  Although I hate using pop culture as a touchstone (I lie, I love it, not least of which because pop culture references are all I can remember), the 18 year olds who register to vote for the 2016 election will have always lived in a world where Ellen was out. Significance? I dunno—to them it was never that big a thing? They always knew at least a handful of actors, comedians, singers, someone at least, who was out and it wasn’t a big deal?

The Million Problems but a clue ain’t one Moms are really trying to put toothpaste back in a tube.  here.

What a terrific photo of the girls and your garden.  They’re obviously enjoying life chez Cracker.

I couldn’t wait to hear what was so damning about Ellen’s commercial. I expected something like:

Ellen:  I want you to gay up Christmas this year!  Gay! Gay! Gayer than a spring frock!
Elves:  We’ll be on that like red on Santa!  Plus we’re all getting gay-married!  To each other!

And instead it was an innocuous promotion for a contest and a couple of “little people” jokes. Could the OMMs possibly embarrass themselves more?  (Actually they probably can and will ....)

Vixen, I think you have hit on something important. One of my Reviewing the Arts students last semester did a presentation on the mainstreaming of gay people in television and Ellen, as well as “Will and Grace” and “Modern Family” were part of it. He rightly pointed out that we still need to see more gay characters who are not white, urban, and generally well-off, but at least there has been a good head start. And even among the self-identified evangelical students I have had (not many, I will admit), they honestly don’t seem fussed about gay marriage. They may not approve of gay marriage in the moral sense, but it isn’t the hill they would die on in electoral politics.

Also: OMM—NOM? Coincidence?

There’s even a gay Christmas Tree in the WH this year :)

Comment by Nellcote on 12/10/12 at 12:11 AM

Wow, how can anyone think trying to force a boycott of Ellen DeG has even a remote chance of success?  Ellen?  Happy dancing Ellen?  They’d be just as successful if they campaigned for slapping gay puppies.

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