Marindenver made me do it

Newest member of the family, a three month old (in early October) golden retriever,  swimming the first time he sees water, and not a moment’s hesitation.

Golden Retriever pup from Rumproast Clips on Vimeo.

MORE: See recent photos below the fold, including one enjoying his favorite drink, the puppy latte.


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Awwww, he’s so CUUUUUUTE! You’re right—he jumped right in without a second thought.

Our dogs of choice, Boxers, are generally poor swimmers, which is unfortunate since we’re boaters. Our old Boxer was a pup when our daughter was a baby, so he didn’t get much exposure to water during his puppyhood. It shows. Poor critter looks like he’s trying to swim straight up whenever he’s in the water.

We learned our lesson, and I take our pup to the beach frequently. She didn’t take to water like your Golden, but now she’s at least a competent swimmer and seems to enjoy it.

Boxers aren’t good swimmers because they generally have zero body fat, so they tend to sink rather than float. I grew up with Boxers and not one of them could swim well.

Our Newfie wanted to swim ALL THE TIME, to the extent that she’d jump in the bathtub with our daughter just to get wet.

That makes sense, Tom. They are exceptionally lean critters. Maybe the puppy does okay because she still has puppy fat? I see a doggie flotation vest in her future. Newfies are gorgeous dogs. I believe they have webbed feet, no?

Newfies are practically four-legged ducks. Ours used to actually dive when you’d throw rocks in for her to retrieve.

I love him. He’s beautiful.

Oh, your puppy is so cute!!!  Goldens also have webbed feet and are great swimmers.  I’ve had two, now both gone over that rainbow bridge.  They would jump into any water, anywhere.  But neither of them could or would retrieve a thing!  Whereas our sheltie (Lulu) will retrieve anything you throw as long as you want to throw it.  In between herding us around.  Who knew cute little shelties were such bossy buggers.

Humboldt et al ... see update below the fold for more recent photos. I’ve been gone all day but thanks for the comments. Since college, I’ve had a basenji, a lab, and a corghi. This GR is the best dog evah. :)

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