Maru the Box Cat’s Magic Show

Posted by Kevin K. on 11/28/09 at 05:18 PM • Permalink

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I love cats.

Well, Single Mom, could you do that?

That, is one big cat. Maru is proof that cats don’t squeeze through incredibly small spaces; they scratch holes in the space-time continuum to reach their destination.

Obvious, jarring edit visible just after Maru “disappears” into the lower cabinet space.

Common Sense Conservatism should tell you there’s no way Maru could have gotten into the upper drawer, since it’s obviously closed. Duh.

Palin/Imhofe 2012!

My cat is about that big, or bigger. I lost her in a drawer once. That is, I closed the drawer without realizing she was in it and then spent a frantic half-hour looking for her, as I’d been going in and out of my apartment and was afraid she’d run out. Silly cat!

Also, I love that the banner ad that came up with that video was looking for “adults with toxoplasmosis.”

Maru’s the best. 0:39 on this video is maybe my favorite second ever.

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