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Dick Armey and Joan Walsh were guests on Hardball last night discussing Rush Limbaugh and the stimulus package. Armey, who like most Republicans these days had nothing, continually resorted to blorting out “give it a rest” when challenged.  And then, following the 9:00 minute mark in the video below, he hurled this desperate stink bomb Walsh’s way:

“I’m so damn glad you can never be my wife ‘cause I surely wouldn’t have to listen to that prattle from you every day.”

Watching the Repubs swirl even further down the bowl in response to being out of power is going to be a joy to behold for the next few years.  We won’t even have to shine a flashlight on these floundering, vacuous cockroaches.  Following the lead of loathsome douchebags like Limbaugh, they’re going to wander right up onto the dinner table on a nightly (hourly?) basis and make complete asses of themselves.

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What a massive, sexist asshole. Bob Herbert started off the next segment by calling him on it, and Tweety belatedly followed suit. I wonder if any of the “feminists” who so recently discovered that the ERA didn’t pass 40 years ago will notice. Probably not.

And Limbaugh—is there anything that asshole doesn’t view through the prism of race? Funny, I’ve followed the election and inauguration pretty closely, and I didn’t hear one fucking person say it’s important for Obama to succeed because his father is black. Normal people, i.e., not Imperial Wizard wannabes like Rush or grievance mongers like you-know-who, want Obama to succeed because this country is aswirl in the porcelain vortex.

The Limbaugh Chronicles of the last few days have really shown who’s the power god in extreme Gopper land. 

And I don’t think the minions are doing themselves any favors.

Never before has a first name been quite as apt… Oh except in Cheney’s case, but that goes without saying.

I really don’t think the GOP gets it.

Fine - the more they ally themselves with Limbaugh and archaic assholes like Armey, the faster they’ll marginalize themselves.

And right on time, the Kitties find a way to link to Obama:

Tess, on January 29th, 2009 at 9:11 am Said:

Walsh is/was such a competent journalist, but she never EVER stopped carrying Koolaid for Obama and his lemmings. What she did at Salon was disgraceful; it became a king of thinkers’ DKos.

Walsh is/was such a competent journalist, but she never EVER stopped carrying Koolaid for Obama and his lemmings.

What the fuck? That is absolutely delusional. Walsh was totally in the bag for HRC during primary season and took loads of shit for it too. I guess they mean after the primaries were over, which just makes her a Democrat.

Then that bitch Walsh deserves to get woman-lynched, the Obama-loving anti-woman woman that she is.

Have the Kitties noticed Armey or Bush Sr’s misogyny?  Of course not. 

Are they rewriting history when Salon was one of the last bastions of crazy “This is Why HRC Should’a Could’a Would’a Won” editorials? Absolutely.

Do the PUMA’s suffer from a collective inability to develop long-term memories since May 5, 2008?  Possibly.

Lot of commentary today about the Repubs lock step “no” vote on the stimulus package - what does it mean??

I think/hope it means they have all morphed into political lemmings and committed mass political suicide.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.  What a bunch of douchebags.

I am trying to keep it together and concentrate on the Dickness instead of the Pumosity, since he is actually representative of a great block of chuckleheads who were recently in power, and PUMAs are so very much not in power. But oh sugarsnaps. Here’s Bostonboomer:

I saw similar behavior from Obama during the debates, just not as pronounced.

Because the purpose of a debate is to agree with your opponent. Damn that dismissive MCP Oblahblah!

“I’m so damn glad you can never be my wife ‘cause I surely wouldn’t have to listen to that prattle from you every day.”

That’s the 21st Cen. GOP: Obnoxious & Incoherent.

Seriously, if anyone can parse that sentence I’ll kiss a PUMA on the puss.

(Puss = face, heathens!)

I made the assumption that the kitties would not have known much about this ‘cause MSNBC is a sworn, mortal enemy.

Somebody may have tipped them off :-)

Check it out later today…

It seems that Obama’s pragmatic bipartisanship may have run hard aground on the ruthless gamesmanship of the Republicans. After squeezing him for concessions, they now can disavow connection with this bill which they knew the Democrats would pass anyway. So any problems with it come not on them.

I just wonder how many times they get to do their synchronized voting routine before Obama says, “All right, if Dems have the votes and none of you is coming along, we’re going to stop trying to placate you. ” Ignoring opposition intransigence has never been his style—I heard one of his Law Review former editors talking about his surprise at how consistently Obama remains the person he was at Harvard—-but he is also a quick study.

Polly - I hope Obama realizes this sooner rather than later. The GOP has no interest in dealing in good faith - ever - so the sooner we leave them behind, the better.

Yeah, Mrs. Polly.  I don’t think Obama will play that game much longer.  The Republicans in the house have clearly stated their future intentions.

I say screw ‘em.

Obama Signs Lilly Ledbetter “for his daughters” (I have no idea how to link things here, so go to huffpost!).  How will the PUMAs respond?

And Mrs. Polly, Obama is playing them, playing the long game.  Those GOP congressmen are all from very Red districts.  They just marginalized themselves as the party of Limbaugh, again, and will lose the concessions when this thing goes to committee.  Meanwhile the Dems are targetting GOP Sens in bluer districts.

It’s all going swimmingly if you ask me!

Thanks Media Browski, I feel much better. Mr. Polly, who likes to envelop himself in a protective cloud of gloom,* has been padding around the house saying Obama got played, and oh by the way, get used to “President Palin”. What will we be doing for President Palin’s inauguration? Etc.

I’m going to show him your post.

*It makes me wonder if squid ever depress themselves.

From your keyboard to god’s ears, Media B—I sincerely hope that is Obama’s strategy.

RE: the kitties, I suspect they’ll either ignore the Ledbetter Act signing or call the fact that Obama didn’t sign it on inauguration day a case of woman-lynching.

Mrs Polly-

Law Review former editors talking about his surprise at how consistently Obama remains the person he was at Harvard

We’ll see. 

Obama has history and success building coalitions with conservatives, but congressional level Repugs are not conservatives, conservatism on the leadership level of the Republican Party ended with Reagan.

I don’t know how much experience Obama has dealing with Republicans, so far he has struck out. 

As far as I can figure, dealing with Republicans can only be done with excessive force and bullying.

If you deal with them on their terms, you can get indicted, they are simple cheap thugs, treat them like the trash they are, or you end up on the wrong end of a search warrant if the deal goes bad.

Obama’s smart, he’ll figure something out, Republicans without the balance tipped heavily in their favor are fucking idiots, it shouldn’t take too long.

Mrs. Polly,

No problem; I’ve been reassuring people of Obama’s gamesmanship for two years now, and haven’t been disappointed by President Awesome yet!  Tell Mr. Polly to worry less about the individual plays and more about the game.

Betty Cracker,

Ah, you know them so well.  I’ve been obsessed with them since my mother became one, but then balked when they started talkign about supporting Palin.  They’re so fascinatingly awful, I’ve been uable to look away since then.

After 4 years in the Senate Obama would have to be dumber than a PUMA not to realize that with a few exceptions the Republicans have no interest in working with him or any other Democrats.  Even before he got to the Senate I’m sure he knew that.  I know he talked about bipartisanship a lot during the campaign but that was just pandering to the moronic middle that reads David Broder and all the other idiots who have made a fetish out of the term.  As far as pandering goes it’s not nearly as offensive as “working, hard-working Americans, white Americans” and other shit like that but it did lead to that stupid Magical Unity Pony nickname that a lot of dumbasses still use.  That’s not to say he won’t make political compromises that will piss us off but it will never be because he’s got some naive assumptions about Republicans.  Name the stupidest congressional Democrat and whoever that person is, even he/she knows the game.  Many of them are chickenshits who cave for political reasons but it’s not out of some hope that one day the Republicans will play nice. 

And be nice to bostonboomer.  She confessed to being in tears yesterday, devastated in fact, over Riverchucky’s (since scrubbed) anti baby boomer post.  So she had to put up her own post in defense of her generation.  If there’s anything stupider than bashing a whole shitload of people based on when they were born it’s taking such a thing personally when some other moron does it.

Lawnguylander, I think, as usual, Obama is playing his game.  The stimulus package is not perfect, I think more spending on infrastructure is needed and the tax cuts are a pander, but it is defintely going to provide some needed economic boost and if the Repubs continue to sulk in the corner that’s going to come back to haunt them.

A lot of people are barfing about the Clinton ‘93 bill that all the Repubs voted against and saying “and look what happened in 1994”.  Well, it also got almost a decade of economic growth going and eliminated the deficit.  1994 was more a function of the Clintons’ political (and personal) failings.

Leave it to Riverchucky to let myiq run wild and then piss off one of her own posters who goes by a boomer name by slamming all boomers.  Brad Mays, if you’re reading this RD is not. that. bright.  Sorry.

Media Browski - the <a> tab in the comments box will open a window that you can drop your link and your title into.


marindenver, thanks. Also.

Scooter, Obama did have years in the Illinois legislature, where he certainly encountered some thuggishness, so I hope the experience there will stand him in good stead.

Media Browski, my mother was an ardent Hillary supporter too. And by “ardent” I mean “rabid”. She screamed at me, “Hillary has wanted to be president since she was SEVEN, and along comes this BASTARD to take it away from her!” I should have said right then, “Mom, I appreciate everything you did for me, all those years of sacrifice, and I want to thank you.”

Instead, I was a complete serpent’s tooth about it. Even so, Mom forgot she had called Obama “that bastard” and started clamoring for Obama buttons as soon as he was nominated.

Mrs. Polly, once again, I suspect we are related. But you can’t be my sister; she can’t draw a stick figure, and she’s married to a chick. Maybe in some parallel universe…

Speaking of parallel, I recently took a test to be a census worker. The test was easy but annoying, rather like having someone drop a pound of tangled shoelaces in your lap and saying, “Straighten these out. You have half an hour.”

The highlight of the day was being asked which streets intersected closest to where we lived, and then being told, “By ‘intersect’, we mean the two parallel streets you live between.”

So if you wonder why government workers have no perspective, now you know.

Obama Signs Lilly Ledbetter “for his daughters” (I have no idea how to link things here, so go to huffpost!). How will the PUMAs respond?

Waaah! If Hillary Clinton were president she would have signed it before she was sworn in and made all the woman-lynchers give up their jobs!

Mrs. Polly,

My mother’s evolution was great too!  She started out arguing “He should have waited his turn” (where have I heard that before) and even started repeating email smears a GOPtard great-aunt sent her.  Then Palin arrived, she got nervous, and even started volunteering for Obama.

Now she admits, sulkily, that when she volunteered for HRC it was absolute chaos, while the Obama people, kids from the local community college mind you, were organized and positive.

Go Moms!

And thanks for the “serpent’s tooth” allusion.  That’s very useful!

Back to the Limbaugh fiasco.

These fucking asshole republican shits are shreiking and groveling at the feet of the Frankenstein’s monster they created with their corporate media propaganda radioSlime echoChamber.

Talk about backlash


Limbaugh, what a fucking tool.

These fucking asshole republican shits are shreiking and groveling at the feet of the Frankenstein’s monster they created with their corporate media propaganda radioSlime echoChamber.

I love this development, because you just KNOW Limbaugh will step on his dick in some spectacular fashion—as he does every single time he leaves the echo chamber. Sure, the brainless Dittoheads don’t mind overt racism and relentless self-aggrandizement, but it doesn’t play as well on TV. Not to mention ESPN.

Media B, my Mom gets sulky when HRC’s flag-burning amendment is mentioned. Not that I would ever do that, more than every telephone conversation leading up to Obama’s nomination. But like 17,999,802 of the eighteen million strong, she withdrew her head from where it was and the rest is history.

Betty, I may not have married a chick, but Mr. Polly watches Lifetime movies. And cries at them. So I wonder. We are a mixed marriage: gentle whimsy/jugular-centric. So we celebrate both sets of holidays.

Jesus, I don’t even like Joan Walsh that much (mostly because of her desperate rationalizations and apologias for the crap that Hillary spewed in the waning days), but I wanted to leap through the screen and throttle that fuckwad Armey (hey, I just came up with a name for that thrash band I’ve always wanted to have!) let that one fly. Fortunately, I think he made himself look ridiculous and small.

Dick Armey must live in that one corner of the universe where people find the comic strip “The Lockhorns” absolutely hilarious and relevant.

Well, I just think all of you hate America. Those valiant Republicans, standing athwart the deck of our rapidly sinking galleon deserve medals. Who else could display the intestinal fortitude to say “fuck you” to millions of Americans who will benefit from a small tax cut?

Their brilliance is only out-shined by the glaring lamp of hate proudly carried about by commie-loving-terror-sympathizing-wannabe-caliphate slaves like y’uns.

O beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves of graaaaiiinnn WOLVERINES!!!!!!!!

See, I can really only hang out with people that know how to use “athwart” in a sentence properly or that can use it at all.

thank you all for just being you.  Hee!

I love this development, because you just KNOW Limbaugh will step on his dick in some spectacular fashion…

And if we’re really good and eat all of our veggies his dick will be under the influence of little blue pills for which he does not have a script.

Limbaugh/Palin ‘12!

Dick Armey is a dick no doubt for what he said, but I have to say I enjoyed watching Joan Walsh squirming and agonizing over that comment of his. I for one was glad that he dished out nicely to her. Joan is nothing but a PUMA, and she and her SF elite area feminists still claim that because Obama wasnt a senator when he was against the war, his opposition to the Iraq war doesnt count. Sorry to all the ladies in the room, but I hate that Hillary supporting bitch. For people like her and Steinem, all you need is a female body organ for their support, conscience and morality and brown people be damned. She goes prattling around to this day how much she loves black people, but lo and behold a bitter African American pastor rants a bit and all her understanding for African American’s pain and suffering is thrown out of the door because her candidate HRC’s chances may have increased. She is blight on the progressives movement. I really hope she marries Dick Armey. Anytime someone thinks they know what is best for the rest of the population, like the establishment elite the SF, that when you know they are DINO. She is nothing but a closet Republican

Bimbo slice, it is kind of fun to watch a fight when you don’t have a dog in it. 

Did I just call Joan a dog?  How woman-lynching of me!

you are such a sexist, Allan!

It’s okay by me, bimbo slice, if you accuse her of being a prattling fool. That may be the prerogative of those who know what she has been prattling about. But elitist, co-opted, Pumafied, or not, to be going about the business of expressing her opinion and have this ignorant old tyrannosaurus rear back and try to scent-mark her, well, I congratulate her for not going all jenni on him. He’s lucky he had anything to bring home to the unfortunate missus.

Bush and GOP were in power for 8 yrs in part because a lot of people were turned off by idiots like Joan Walsh. Always telling progressives what is best for them. No different than Bush and Cheney telling Americans the govt knew what was best for them. Its funny that someone from the establishment right is telling Joan Walsh to know her place because Joan Walsh and her ilk would try to banish anyone providing any sort of dissenting opinion within the progressive left movement. Not 100% for abortion? get out of the Democratic party. People like will have to realize that there is a vast array of opinion even within the progressive movement, and she will have to leave the progressive movement if she doesnt like what she hears.

These tax spending umm, whatever they are, and these tax lifting, whatever they are, WHAT THE HELL. Can’t we get a manual or something? JEEBUS this is fucking annoying. Here my friends: the solution to our money woes is manual labor in Texas. Now who is going without me?

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